End Time! Female Pastor Does This To Her Congregation Via Whatsapp

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A female pastor has been accused of duping her church members via their Whatsapp group.

According to reports, Pastor Petronella Zenda of the Christ Pride Ministries, Zimbabwe, had added some of her church members to a Whatsapp group she created for the purpose of raising money that would supposedly be invested into a profitable venture, promising them that they would get the returns after 24 hours.

According to Zenda, a non-refundable fee of $12 would qualify you to join the group, while money starting from $500 would be deposited into her ecocash account, and they’d be able to pay school fees from the profit they’d make. By the time the members of the group realised what was happening two weeks later, Zenda had duped them of the of the $13000 (N4 million) they contributed.

One of the affected members identified as Saurombe said: “I could not believe it. Some of the Bible scriptures where it is written Jesus took a whip and attacked Pharisees for turning His father’s temple into a market place, this is exactly what pastor Zenda and her husband are doing.”

When caught, Zenda said she created the group because she had been duped after joining a similar group. Here’s what she said:

I am really sorry but honestly speaking, I administered the group but never benefited as alleged. I am prepared to show you a print out of the money deposited into my account. I formed this group for church members and the members asked for my permission to include their relatives and friends and I strongly suspect that members who are not from our church are the ones against me. Ndakasunganidza mbudzi ne hwayi, I regret it but my aim was to enable church members to get capital to start big businesses that would help them fend for their families.

I am prepared to close the group but people are forcing me to continue accusing those who take the issue to press as evil. This group came about after I lost my money from a similar group and realized where they get it wrong. I wanted my group to be better, I am really sorry if this affected marriages when it meant to benefit them. I do not have money to give those who failed to reap after the account they deposited the money crushed, they lost it so did I and some benefited before they lost at last and cannot be prepared to give back the money. To those who used school fees money and so forth, they violated the rules of the group since it was meant for extra money not that of school fees or club money.”

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