Plateau State Politician Dies Of Poison After Snatching Another Man’s Wife


A local politician in Langtang Local Government Area of Plateau State, has reportedly died of poisoning for allegedly snatching the wife of his town’s man, reports Plateau Today.

According to the report, the politician who was seen as a ‘big man’ due to his money and influence in his area, had used his power to oppress his people by taking over their lands and women at will, until he met his doom when he tried a young man for size.

According to a resident of the community, the politician identified simply as Da Nanzing , who at one time was a Councillor, did not show any regard for the common man as he told them that he had the wherewithal to ‘do and undo’.

“Da Nanzing was what one could call a local champion who used the little influence he had to oppress the people.

He was in the habit of snatching people’s wives, farmlands and daughters.

He had four wives but those ones were not enough for him as he went about enticing people’s wives and daughters with his money.

He told anyone that confronted him that he had the powers that be at his beck and call and everyone was afraid of him.

As a one time Councillor, he could call the police to arrest anyone who had issues with him.

But he died a very miserable death when he snatched the wife of a local ‘Lambu’ (Vegetable farm) owner.

Da Nanzing had enticed the man’s young wife out of her matrimonial home and was brazen enough to tell the man he could go to hell. He even arrested the man and locked him up.”

“The bitter husband had vowed to deal with Da Nanzing and it was no surprised when we all woke up two weeks ago to hear that he had died as a result of poison.

We heard he was vomiting and passing black excreta on himself before he died.

Though no one can come out in the open to accuse the farmer, everyone knows he is responsible and no one is even bothered.

To us, it is good riddance,” the resident concluded.

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