Top Catholic Bishop Explains Why Muslims Have A Right To Islamise Nigeria

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Bishop of Catholic diocese of Oyo, most reverend Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo, has said that Muslims have an agenda to Islamise Nigeria.

Bishop Badejo made the statement when reacting to questions about claims that there were plans to Islamise Nigeria following the Sukuk loan acquisition.

Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune in an interview published on Sunday, October 15, the cleric said he had always shared the view of John Cardinal Onaiyekan that Muslims have an Islamisation agenda.

He stated that the Muslims were pursuing an agenda to Islamise to Nigeria and that they had the right to do so.

Badejo said: “I’ve always shared the view of one of our leaders, John Cardinal Onaiyekan. I believe that Muslims have an Islamisation agenda, and they have a right to have it. Do Christians have a Christianisation agenda? Yes, I hope so and we have a right to have it. The Muslims are pursuing an agenda; why are we not pursuing ours?

The cleric said Nigeria for many Nigeria had a larger number of Christians in power in the past than Muslims but that the Christians failed to make use of this advantage.

He said” The Muslims are pursuing an agenda; why are we not pursuing ours? Nigeria, for many many years, let’s be honest, had a larger number of Christians in power, in the past, than Muslims. What we should be doing is a mea culpa, that we failed when we should have worked, and that even now, instead of trying to catch up on our lapses, we’re busy pointing fingers.

“It’s part of Islam to Islamise; is it not part of our own programme too to evangelise? How much of it are we doing? The education curriculum, which caused so much row recently, was approved when a Christian was chair of the body. Why don’t we turn, first of all, to the – so to speak – ‘terrorists’ within our own clan, who are not allowing the church to breathe and move, before going out to ‘fight?’ Till today.”

The cleric said many who claim to be Christians were Christians in name only.

He said such so called Christians only pursue power, position, privileges rather than display true Christianity.

Badejo faulted what he called prosperity gospel which he said had caused much damage to the thinking of Christians in Nigeria.

He said: “A large part of Christians today are Christians in name, who pursue power, position, privileges. That’s not Christianity. And that’s where I come to the issue of the prosperity gospel. We have not yet done research on how much damage prosperity gospel has done to the psyche of Christianity in our country.

“Prosperity gospel provides cheap solutions to complex realities of life and so many people have heard it, so often, that they begin to believe it; that it is actually possible to have cancer and pray it away, when doctors are actually available; that it is possible to fail exams, and still become the director of a bank, if you pray enough. People believe that in Nigeria.”

According to report, the religious leader spoke at the annual conference of the Nigeria Anglican Roman Catholic Commission with the theme; “The Church as Communion, Local and Universal” on Wednesday, October 11.

The archbishop warned that there will be no victor if a war breaks out between Muslims and Christians.





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