10 Business you can do to earn at least 50k per month as an undergraduate

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In this post, I shall be introducing tp you 10 businesses even normal undergraduates can do while still in school. Each of them will require some form of capital but each of this business, if practiced in University ,monotechnics and polytechnics are always very successful and usually bring in high yield income.

So Let us go through this 10 great ways you can be making steady income as an undergraduate without having to depend too much on your parents


 This are two services that go together and is very much demanded for in school areas. In a school of more than 30,000 students and different lecturers in many different locations, you are sure to be successful if you set up in a good location a photocopy and printing shop where you can offer help to those who needs this services. Many students and lecturers ] use printing and photocopy services regularly so be sure of making your sales daily.The major capital required for this business will be the procurement of the materials for the photocopy an printing machines.


I have seen people who are successful in this business and that is why I am adding it to the list. You can start packaging pop corns into sealed nylons while putting your labels into it. From there you can liaise with supermarkets and shops around you to be supplying them your pop corns at cheaper prices. You can make research on how you can add special taste and effects to your pop corn to make people patronize it more for quality.


I have been a player in this business since my year 2 in the University and I have had no regrets ever since I started this business in my school area. When I started, my target was to get as many churches,fellowships,departments organization and sect to signup under my bulk sms website. I made good money from political campaigns during SUG elections in my school and some other fellowship who uses my website for bulk sms. This business is a very lucrative one and you are sure to make steady income if you go into it as and undergraduate


I have talked about setting a blog several times on this website, If you are able to monetize your blog with good contents you will surely get paid good money by google. I know of a top blogger in my school who got his ride via blogging returns even before reaching his 4th year in the University.


Every  time, people have events regularly in school areas, they usually request the services of a good cloth designer to make merchandise and jerseys for them . If you go into this business as an undergraduate, you will be making not more less than 50k monthly as a costume manager.

 Another nice income generating business to do as an undergraduate is to venture into sales of browsing data for fellow students and lecturers especially. You just need to familiarize your self with as many lecturers who you know uses a good amount of data monthly. If you are a data re seller , you can be supplying data to mostly lecturers and students whom you have made contact with and be making your own cool cash daily.


If you know how to tackle phone problems both hardware and software. Why not setup your self into this business by repairing phones for people and fixing little issues you can handle. If you set up this business very well, you can be ,making tangible income from phone repairing business.


Doing the business of selling imported items is one of the most lucrative method of earning stable income as an undergraduate. You can be shipping cheap and fancy items form china and selling them at prices that will make you reasonable profit


You can be organinsing tutorials and software training for interested students in your schools and make cool cash from it. Just find a good location and a partner that can join you in training people to have the knowledge of useful software in their respective courses of study.
Graphics and draftman

Doing graphics has been one of the sweetest my that happened to me as an undergraduate , even for a small DP picture for birthdays, I will charge nothing less that 1k for the design. You can learn graphics and venture into offering small services like banner designers, dp pictures and making flyers for small organizations in your school


Many guys whom i know as friends knew how to barb but only few up them st up a shop in school for barbing for people. It is a very lucrative income generating  business while in school barbecues you will have so many students patronizing you as a student barber. Imagine you had just 30 people who visit your saloon to cut hairs daily.that is over 5k daily…In a month you will be earning twice what a bank marketer earns in a month,, am I lying? You can calculate it yourself too

I hope you have learnt on or two things from this post.

It is now up to you to decide which one of this above listed businesses to do as an undergraduate and start making stable income for yourself. Gather some capital and making some researches on things needed to start each of this business, find a good location in your school or even in your hostel, start small and expand till you finally grow big.





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