7 old tricks men use in deceiving women

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There are some tricks men use for girls; these tricks have been in vogue for ages yet they keep hitting targets and making girls trip and fall in love with them. It does not matter whether we let out these tricks or not because men would keep using them and more girls would fall for them.
Men have come to realize what works for most ladies; many of them have virtually the same dream when it comes to men. They want men who are calm, cool headed, attractive, God-fearing, humble, rich, and caring; the list is endless. Men know this well and capitalize on it. Women would always find men who exhibit these traits irresistible.
Whether these tricks are blown in the women’s faces or not, men would always find a way to get through to them. There is basically nothing we can do about it as these tricks make women get emotional.
Find below some of the tricks men use for women:
1. Being soft-spoken
Men who talk softly always gain women’s attention. Women become sentimental when they meet men like that. They feel they would be well mannered men who know left from right; they believe men like that would be able to treat them right as compared to the lousy ones they see on the streets. Men like that are also thought to be more reasonable.
2. Being well dressed
Before a man says anything to a woman, she would have assessed him. Women take in every little detail when they meet men for the first time.

They check out the clothes the men have on and the wristwatches they use; even the belt is noticed. Men who are fashionable always attract women; men like these know what the society wants and how to keep up with the fashion trend.
3. Smell

It definitely feels good having to meet a man who smells wonderful; men have this strong smell most women dislike. But when women meet men who have taste and use good perfume, they naturally assume the men have class and would make a good partner.
This could be the very first step as the men are able to gain ground with this. Before one gets to know someone intimately, there has to be some sort of connection between them first.
4. Being witty and charming
There are some men who are simply charming; they smile in such a way that the women start to melt. They understand what it means to be charming and do all they could to put this attribute of theirs in women’s faces without being offensive.
They know this is their selling point and know women appreciate this in them. Men like these strike the women as being funny and interesting.
5. Being confident
Women no doubt love to meet men who are confident; while the men may not be able to tell women how confident they are, the way they talk and act would give women that impression. Men who have long strides and walk slowly exudes confidence. Women love men who are in control and would fall for them the moment they notice this about them.

6. Clean skin
Another way men get to trick women and deceive them is by enhancing their looks and taking care of their skin. Men know that women put so much effort into looking good; they also know that they have to work hard to make sure they do not embarrass themselves in front of the women.
Women love men who have clean skin; they pride themselves over men who do not have pimples or any skin blemishes. Men like these are presentable and women enjoy going out with them in public.
7. Being generous
Women no doubt love meeting men who are generous; a free ride in the rain, paying for bills at the counter and being nice will no doubt make a woman melt and fall in love. A man’s generosity makes women think he would be a responsible partner; men know this so well and use their finances to woo women at times.





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