Why are women still single at 35?

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This is one sad woman

Women set standards for themselves when they leave school and its all about careers and making money. But do they also forget to plan to seduce a guy capable of proposing to them when they are 25 -30?

Marriage is not by force and no one is suppose to order you into a marriage you don’t like but then, why are some women desparate for a man at the age of 35? What happened to their 25 years of being single? No men, rejected rings or did they chose to remain single caring less about what “society” would say?

The typical urban lady has career as a priority second to her family. In fact she wants to make a living, loving what she has passion for all to take care of her family. So, where does a man fit in?


Career woman

 After the university, women want jobs and others think of marriage and babies. Some make their dreams come true while others struggle to get to one goal. Whether we like it or not, time goes by and some of these plans haven’t been put to work and they start getting nervous… just like any one would.

The ladies start to re-think about their future when they hit 25 – 30. What’s top priority: marriage or work? When the men stop to come as frequently as they used to, it then boils down to how to make themselves available for the men? But they are so engrossed in their careers and pride that they tell themselves, “Man or no man, a woman has to make a life worthy of any body”. Sounds stupid but there’s truth in it!

 Women turn to give up on their struggle to get married when pride and money takes the lead. After several harsh break ups and too much pride and class qualification, ladies find marriage as something not forced or a must. Thats when they are heard saying “which part in the Bible says ‘Women MUST get married?”

A career woman is as busy as a mother of two (married or not). She thinks of a career upgrade, a better pay-check, a relationship with a boss-like man and nothing less. She begins to set standards for herself — sometimes too high for her to be noticed by the rugarly guys. But is she also to settle for less?

This is one worried woman (Illustration)  This is one worried woman

 Some women decide to go for just flings (asual sex with guys with no commitments) and it works like magic untill those same free guys decide to propose to their own girlfriends.

Others go for the already taken men just because they think its less stressfull. But when the thought of them leaving their wives and children hits, women with conscience back down in fear to be caused by the wives, who are usually predicted to be too prayerful.

Time is flying faster now….

Brenda is being pressured into marriage.   

Brenda is being pressured into marriage.

So, when flings and married men affairs start to fade, where do these women go to or what do they want again in life? Marriage and desperately too! But are there still single, high standard men to marry them? The probability is slim… almost 1-0.

Awomanat 35 and above is now single and ready to mingle with – perhaps – any available man left for her! No more standards… she just wants a man!






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