A letter to my dear Motherland – Tosy Ogbe

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Editor’s note: On October 1 Nigeria marked 56th anniversary since it gained independence from Britain. Many Nigerians continue to send congratulatory messages and to explore achievements of their nation.

Tosy Ogbe, one of the NAIJ.com guest contributors, writes an open letter to her Motherland, saying that she still has faith in Nigeria.


Dear mama Nigeria. It has been 56 years since you got your independence. In 1960, when you got your independence, you were like a new mother who just gave birth. You were excited. You loved your new babies. As we grew up, our expectations were high. Our hopes were high. Out of the high hopes, we chose the people we believed in to lead us to the “promised land”.

One by one, year after year we watched them. Mama, they came with heavy promises. From the military era to the civilian era back again to the military era and now the democratic era.

As we grew up, bad blood entered some of our bloodstreams. During these eras mama, the ones who really loved and cherish you, the leaders who really had your interest at heart were not allowed to lead us for long. Its either they were deprived of the opportunity to lead, or they got killed in cold blood out of selfish wickedness.

Mama, new leaders emerged and turn by turn, they took over. Mama, we grew up believing that We Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow. But today, the leaders of yesterday are the one still leading us today and even in the future.

Mama Nigeria, in the course of change of power, you were RAPED, by their selfish actions. The ones who led never had your actions at their heart.

Mama, I saw your tears. You have been weeping over the naira currency. You have been weeping over the economic situation. You had wanted all your children to be secured. Today, we are enemies to each other because of diversity we could not handle. We were carried away by sentiments and hatred.

Mama, you are blamed for their failure to deliver. You are blamed for the result of the selfish actions of your children. You quietly take all the blames heaped on you. Your children have turned against you. Your children have turned their back on you. They do not even want to have any connection with you as they find solace in other countries.

One by one they left in search of greener pastures they thought you had failed to provide. They have lost faith in you mama. I feel your pain as a mother because I will be one someday. I feel your silent tears. You sit back and watch helplessly. They have taken you for granted over again.

Mama, I have good news for you. Some of your children are flying your flag really high. From the entertainment industry to sports, fashion, business and even NGOs. They are really doing great and credits are being given to you.

Mama even if the whole world see you as a failure, even though your children have failed and are blaming you for their failures, I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON YOU. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. I will do everything within my power and with God’s help to make you smile.

Mama, we are very few that genuinely have your interest at heart, waiting for the opportunity to be recognized globally. Mama, we are trying our little best within our capacity to give back to you. You have been an amazing mom. We love you and we hope for the best this independence.





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