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Invictus Obi: Forbes-Rated Young Nigerian Billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke Arrested By FBI For $12 Million (N4.3bn) Fraud

Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for  million (N4.3bn) fraud

A Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire and CEO of Invictus Group, Obinwanne Okeke has been arrested by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a $12 million (N4.3bn) fraud.


He was arrested last week on the last day of his trip to the United States for allegedly defrauding top American companies of huge sums. Notably, he allegedly scammed $12m from a steel company by hacking into an executive’s office365 account and sending an email with a fake invoice to the purchase department. His arrest came after Special Agent Marshall Ward of the FBI and the team he heads opened up an investigation in July 2018, following a petition by Unatrac Holding Limited.


The charge sheet reads in part “In June 2018, Unatrac Holding Limited, the export sales office for Caterpillar heavy industrial and farm equipment, headquartered in the United Kingdom, contacted the FBI. They reported that Unatrac had been victimised through an email compromise, which ultimately resulted in fraudulent wire transfers totalling nearly 11million US Dollars. After reviewing the documentation provided by the representatives, the FBI opened an investigation in July 2018.

“The FBI discovered that after capturing the legitimate credentials of Unatrac’s Chief Financial Officer, the accused was able to log in and access the CFO’s entire Office365 account, which included all of his emails and various digital files, the logs indicated that between April 6 and April 20, 2018, the intruder accessed the CFO’s account 464 times, mostly from Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from Nigeria.

“With full access to the account, the intruder sent fraudulent wire transfer requests from the CFO’s email account to members of Unatrac’s internal financial team. The intruder also attached fake invoices to the emails to enhance the credibility of the requests,” the investigator stated. The investigation, painstaking and far-reaching, lasted more than a year during which Obinwanne emerged as the principal culprit and has since been arrested while on his regular visit to the United States.”

Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for  million (N4.3bn) fraud


Before his arrest, Obinwanne Okeke was a celebrated businessman who had a ‘grass to grace’ story on Forbes. The arrested suspect is said to be the 17th child of a polygamous father who died when he was 16, and he reportedly moved from one relative to another before moving Australia where he “did all kinds of jobs just to survive.”  He became a viral sensation after he got featured in ‘Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30’ list in 2016.


It is not clear how he made the list of Forbes’ 100 Most Influential Young Africans 2018, it should however be noted that he founded the Invictus Group of Companies, an investment conglomerate dealing in construction, agriculture, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecoms, and real estate.  Invictus Group operates in three African countries, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zambia. His company was named as Africa’s Most Innovative Investment Company of the Year by African Brand Congress in 2017.


Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for  million (N4.3bn) fraud


Obi recently got married, had a baby last month and got listed among 100 Most Influential Young Africans in 2018 alongside Davido, Falz, Ahmed Musa. He was also nominated for the All African Business Leaders Award for Young Business Leader (West Africa) in 2018. The AABLA Award is the most prestigious award for African businessmen/entrepreneurs.


Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for  million (N4.3bn) fraud


The young Nigerian who accepted an offer to be a Contributor for Forbes Magazine and published his first essay in May 2017, has however been arrested by the FBI for allegedly being a fraudster which is popularly known as ‘yahoo-yahoo’ in Nigeria.

Pastor Arrested After Snatching Uber Driver’s Car [Photos]

Pastor arrested after snatching Uber driver

A car snatcher who claims to be a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has been paraded after launching an attack on an Uber driver.


The suspect reportedly snatched a Toyota Corolla from an Uber driver he tricked into checking a credit alert at an ATM by 4a.m in Lagos. The Uber investor that called out the self-acclaimed cleric, said the car was tracked and retrieved at Sagamu in Ogun state.


@Pineyes1_beauty wrote;


“I just can’t keep this testimony to myself! Yesterday was hell for me! The above thief snatched my Corrola from my one of drivers yesterday, around 4am,he tricked him to check his credit alert at the atm,unfortunately my stupid driver obliged leaving the ignition on,next smart man zoomed off with my I just bought less than 2months,and gave to the driver,that was how madness Caught me yesterday oo,what more can I say but thank you Jesus! Thanks to my wonderful inlaw,and his team of men that acted so fast,my car was tracked and retrieved from this idiot at sagamu,bastard was already driving my car to the east, I just have to share this testimony, I know lots of Uber/ taxify investors that loose those car snatchers and will never be found,but my story is different, plz help me that God. U can imagine coming back from travel after all that relaxation and boom bad story face u. My God is just wonderful, my hard earned money! Ahhh. To every customers and friends I ignored their massages and calls, I’m so so sorry! It was beyond me. Hot piece catch me yesterday. My God is greater”

“Thanks to everyone that showed concern in my confused time this past few days ,Some of u even called me! Waow ! The amount of love and encouragement i received was immense,Godbless everyone of u and be there for us in the time of need! I will always remember all my concerned friends,customers turned families in my prayers . Godbless u. If I vnt replied yet its because I’ve been on my toes to make sure the culprit pays for his crimes. The police is doing their job now,my car has been released to me ,I am calm now ,all is well and The CAR SNATCHER will definitely pay for his crime! Oga claims he is a redeem minister, and abt to marry! See how these bad eggs bring bad names to church of Christ,and someones daughter was abt marrying an ARM-ROBBER, he messed with daughter of Zion, him cup come full .Thanks for ur love my people! WHO I BE? Wey Una love me like this . “


Pastor arrested after snatching Uber driver


Pastor arrested after snatching Uber driver

Gunman Arrested After Shootout That Lasted Hours in Drug Raid Gone Wrong

Gunman arrested after shootout that lasted hours in drug raid gone wrong

A gunman has been arrested hours after he got into a shootout with police officers who arrived at a home in Philadelphia to arrest him on a drugs warrant.


The shootout started at about 4:30 pm local time and lasted for about 5 hours during which the gunman injured several police officers trying to arrest him. Two officers were trapped inside the house with the man for around five hours but were eventually freed by a SWAT team at night. Other officers were forced to jump out through windows and doors to get away from a barrage of bullets.


Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said “that went awry almost immediately.”


Police sergeant Eric Gripp confirmed this morning that the gunman had finally been taken into custody. He also said six officers were hit by bullets but have been released from hospital. Three people that officers had taken into custody in the house during the drug raid before the shooting started were also safely evacuated, police said.


Gunman arrested after shootout that lasted hours in drug raid gone wrong


Ross added: “It’s nothing short of a miracle that we don’t have multiple officers killed today.”


During the shootout, police reasoned with the gunman to surrender and even put his lawyer on the phone with him to try to persuade him to give up.


As the shootout was in progress, Temple University locked down part of its campus, and several children and staff were trapped for some time in a nearby day care.


During the standoff Commissioner Ross said: “We’re doing everything within our power to get him to come out. He has the highest assurance he’s not going to be harmed when he comes out.”


Gunman arrested after shootout that lasted hours in drug raid gone wrong


Police tried to push crowds of onlookers and residents back from the scene. In police radio broadcasts, officers could be heard calling for backup as reports of officers getting shot poured in.


President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr were briefed on the shooting, officials said.


Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he was thankful that officers’ injuries weren’t life-threatening.


Gunman arrested after shootout that lasted hours in drug raid gone wrong


He added: “I’m a little angry about someone having all that weaponry and all that firepower, but we’ll get to that another day.”

OAP Dotun Reveals That The Woman Filmed Flogging A Boy And Locking Him in A Dog Cage Has Been Found And Arrested

OAP Dotun reveals that the woman filmed flogging a boy and locking him in a dog cage has been found and arrested

OAP Dotun has given an update on the woman who was filmed flogging a boy after which she locked him in a cage with fierce dogs.

Dotun said the woman was caught today and she will be charged. He added that the boy will be placed in a shelter until the case is resolved.


Read the update he gave on the child abuse case below.


OAP Dotun reveals that the woman filmed flogging a boy and locking him in a dog cage has been found and arrested

OAP Dotun reveals that the woman filmed flogging a boy and locking him in a dog cage has been found and arrested

US Teenager Arrested For Threats, With More Than A Dozen Rifles And About 10,000 Rounds of Ammunition

Justin Olsen, 18, is charged with threatening a federal law enforcement officer
Justin Olsen, 18, is charged with threatening a federal law enforcement officer



An Ohio teenager has been arrested for threatening mass violence online, targeting federal agents and Planned Parenthood, court documents said.

FBI agents raided the residence where Justin Olsen, 18, was living, and found more than a dozen rifles and about 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

“Shoot every federal agent in sight,” he allegedly wrote, adding he would “stock up” on weapons in another post.

Mr Olsen said his online comments were written in jest, court documents said.

Federal authorities apprehended Mr Olsen last week, just days after the back-to-back mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas rocked the US.

He has been charged with threatening a federal officer and is now being held in federal custody, according to the court filing.

The investigation into Mr Olsen began in February, when the FBI received a complaint about the teenager in Anchorage, Alaska, US media report. Authorities traced Mr Olsen’s email address back to Boardman, Ohio, where he was living with his father.

Mr Olsen allegedly praised mass shootings, violence against Planned Parenthood clinics and the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people, on the meme-hosting app iFunny.

In one post, responding to the 1993 Waco siege, a fatal standoff between religious sect the Branch Davidians and federal agents, Mr Olsen allegedly wrote, “in conclusion, shoot every federal agent on sight.”

Mr Olsen told agents this post was “a hyperbolic conclusion based on the results of the Waco siege”, according to the filing.

According to court documents, Mr Olsen’s online account drew FBI attention for its “large increase in subscribers” from February to March of this year.

After Mr Olsen’s arrest, FBI found about 300 rounds of ammunition in the stairway of his father’s home, and thousands of rounds of additional ammunition, camouflage clothing and a gun vault in a bedroom. Investigators found a machete in the trunk of his car.

It is unclear how much of the weapons and supplies found in the residence could have been accessed by Mr Olsen, and how much belonged to his father.

Mr Olsen is expected back in court on 16 August.

Sydney Knife Attack: Man Arrested Over Stabbings in City Centre

An armed man has been arrested after stabbing a woman in central Sydney and being detained on the street by members of the public.

A second woman was found dead inside an apartment building on the same street.

“All the information we have at hand would link these two crimes,” police commissioner Mick Fuller said at a press conference.

He said the suspect was a “lone actor” with a history of mental health issues.

He was known to police but “his history was unremarkable compared to the gravity of the crimes he committed”, Mr Fuller said.

Photo from inside a car shows a man holding a large knife being confronted by a man holding a wicker chairPhotos taken at the scene show the stand-off between the knifeman and a passerby wielding a chair



The police commissioner said the suspect had some ideologies related to terrorism, but had no apparent links to other terrorist organisations.

It is believed the man had a USB drive containing details of mass killings in New Zealand and the United States.

Mr Fuller said the stabbing is not currently being classed as a terrorist incident but this would be reassessed as the investigation continues.

Three “heroes” were praised by New South Wales Police Minister David Elliot for their role in detaining the man and acting “well and truly beyond the call of any citizen”. He also congratulated the firefighters involved.

What happened?

The incident unfolded at about 14:00 local time (04:00 GMT) on Tuesday near Clarence St and King St, a busy area in the city centre.

Video footage shows the suspect jumping on a car wielding a knife, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “shoot me”, as another man confronts him with a wicker chair.

Police said the suspect had stabbed a 41-year-old woman in the back before being restrained by three members of the public.

They “placed him essentially under arrest, even though he was branching a large butchers knife and was clearly dangerous”.

Emergency services arrived shortly after and following a wider investigation, the body of a 21-year-old woman was found nearby.

The injured woman was taken to hospital in a stable condition. Police said there was no ongoing threat.

‘Completely fearless’

“He was fearless. He was completely fearless,” said the taxi driver whose car was jumped on by the man.

“I froze for probably a split second but then I thought I’m hoping that he’s not covered in any explosives or anything,” he told Nine News Sydney. The Uber driver then quickly accelerated to force the man off his car.

One witness said she saw the man jump on a car before he was confronted by people on the street who tried to fight him with chairs and pipes.

“The guy had blood on his shirt. He was screaming, holding a knife on his hand, and running up a car just in front of us,” Japanese tourist Aya Yamada told the BBC.

“Another guy with a chair and some firefighters were chasing him. I was in the car with my husband and friends, and could run away immediately.”

The suspected knifeman standing in the streetWitnesses said the suspect apparently had blood on his shirt



Videos posted online show a man running through the streets brandishing a knife, before people attempt to stop him and eventually tackle him to the ground.

Other images show the suspect being pinned down with a chair and a milk crate, then being taken away by police.

‘Significantly brave’

Supt Wood praised those who had intervened in the “extremely dangerous and hostile” situation, saying their actions had helped capture the man.

“They were significantly brave people,” Supt Wood said.

Three British men were among those who helped take the man down, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Lee Cuthbert, Paul O’Shaughnessy and Luke O’Shaughnessy, all from Manchester, were working nearby when they heard the commotion outside and ran out to help.

“You don’t think, you just kind of react really. It was surreal, very, very surreal,” said Mr Cuthbert.

“We all kind of chased, worked together, but it was Luke who was the real hero. He pursued him the hardest and managed to get a grip of him.”

Authorities have urged people to avoid the area.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted that the “violent attack” was “deeply concerning” but praised the “brave actions” of those who restrained the suspect.

“I have been arrested 18 times but I’m still standing” – Melaye boasts

Global News

Posted by  on  under Global News

As part of his campaign pitches, senator Dino Melaye has made some bold statements about his ability to scale through challenges and his confidence in governing Kogi State if elected as the governor.

The Peoples Democratic Party candidate made a courtesy visit to the NUJ press center on Wednesday and weighed in on his plans to rebuild the state, adding that the current administration was not practicing democracy.

Melaye further stated that starting from the moment he was given the opportunity to compete for the gubernatorial post, he has been nurturing the idea of contesting as the president of the nation soon.


The senator said, “Kogi State is not witnessing democracy, what we are witnessing is the government of the greedy, by the greedy and for the greedy; best put as ‘greedocracy’.

“But when I come on board as governor, I shall build a new Kogi State where ideas will revolutionize the state.

“My administration will banish hunger from the state. Kogi has no business to be poor. I shall look into agriculture and technology to turn around the economic fortune of the state.”

“I have no father, uncle, in-law or godfathers to pilot my ambition, but I have the requisite requirements to face the APC candidate in the election.

“I fear no body, I only respect human beings. I have been arrested 18 times within the last three years and I have 12 cases in court, but I’m still standing. I have what it takes to face and rescue the state from Yahaya Bello.”

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