Tml Vibez – My Padi

Signee of Vibez Inc., Tml The multi-talented Nigerian musician and composer Vibez just dropped a hot new song called “Where I’m From.”

My Padi By Tml Vibez

With the sensual song “Padi,” well-known Nigerian musician and songwriter Tml Vibez lights up the music scene.

Moreover, the catchy song is off his most recent album, “Timileyin Deluxe (Album) EP.”


Please listen to this music as much as you can to show your support! We sincerely hope you enjoy the song and thank you for your patience!


The catchy melody of this song will play in your head for ever. I believe it would be best if you listened to this song multiple times.

DownloadTml Vibez – Wells Fargo

Please leave a comment below after you have listened.


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