Unexpected Place movie free download

Unexpected Place movie free download

Movie Analysis

With this fantastic piece, Bimbo ensures her audience is glued to the screen. Unexpected Places is a rollercoaster of emotions with a pretty unhappy ending.

The cinematography is commendable, from the camera angle and movement to the lighting.

The beautiful storyline sheds light on the possibilities of a person’s ability to change and fall in love in an unexpected place, as the title implies. Although it was predictable that Prosper would date Chris, Bimbo somehow trampled the possibility by creating a friction between them, making it almost impossible for them to love a person like Chris.

Unlike most typical Nollywood, Bimbo did extensive research on the illness Chris was diagnosed with.

The film touched on many angles of the central theme ‘love’. We can see the love between Chris and Prosper, Mr Mudueke and his family, Prosper and her mum, and Chris and his friend, Debola.

The film poignantly reminds us that life doesn’t always unfold according to our desires or ideals of fairness. One’s fate isn’t solely determined by wishes, good deeds, or wealth; otherwise, Chris would live. The movie depicts the harsh reality of the challenges of getting a liver transplant, even with readily available financial resources.

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