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Modern Day Churches Have Become Entertainment Freaks Where Comedians Are Paid Handsomely To Entertain Worshipers – MFM Founder, Olukoya

Modern day churches have become entertainment freaks where comedians are paid handsomely to entertain worshipers - MFM Founder, Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the general overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles, MFM, has identified spiritual laziness on the part of some church leaders as the basis of multi-dimensional crises in Nigeria.


Speaking on the topic: Re-arranged for revival’ to mark the 30th anniversary of the church at the Prayer City, Olukoya said no man “needs a microscope to discern that the world has gone upside down. Many things have gone wrong and it will take a complete divine revival for Nigeria to move to the next level.”


According to him, the best revival that will move the nation to the next level must begin with the individual Christian, stressing that failure to do that will only leave Christendom at the mercy of Satan who is already positioning its demonic agents to further neutralise the rot in the Church.

“We need to move to the next level of personal revival. It has to start with us to arrest the growing spiritual laziness where church leaders have constantly watered down the gospel of holiness and righteousness and are now highlighting the gospel of prosperity to attract members.

“Modern day churches have become entertainment freaks where comedians are paid handsomely to entertain worshippers as altars are used to raised funds for all manner of theatrics.

Many religious leaders with immense influence now lack discipline, soul lifting sermons, holiness that can liberate souls, are deploying all manner of gimmicks to attract people to their churches” Olukoya lamented.

Rohingya Crisis: Rallies Mark Two Years of Exile in Bangladesh

The Rohingya mark two years of exile

Tens of thousands of Rohingya held demonstrations inside their refugee camps in Bangladesh on Sunday, two years after their exodus.

Nearly 750,000 fled their native Rakhine state in Myanmar in August 2017 as a violent crackdown on the ethnic group surged.

On Thursday, Bangladesh set up a voluntary return scheme – but not a single Rohingya decided to leave.

They are calling for Myanmar to grant them citizenship before they return.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar, most of whom live in Rakhine state, and have their own language and culture. But despite living in Myanmar for generations, they are not recognised as citizens or counted in the census.

Myanmar instead considers them to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

On 25 August 2017, Rohingya militants attacked dozens of police posts, killing several officers. The response from authorities, while supposedly an attempt to arrest militants, saw entire villages burned, and civilians attacked, raped and killed, UN investigators found. Local Buddhist mobs were also involved.

The United Nations says it was a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing; the Rohingya call it a “genocide remembrance day”.

Myanmar’s military says it was carrying out counterterrorism operations and did not target civilians.

An internal investigation in 2017 cleared the military of blame in the Rohingya crisis.

What now for the Rohingya?

About one million displaced people now live in Bangladesh, most in huge, sprawling refugee camps – the largest of which is home to more than half a million people, placing an economic burden on Bangladesh.

Earlier this year, Bangladesh said it could no longer accept more refugees, as a January 2018 deal between it and Myanmar to repatriate the Rohingya failed to materialise.

But return is voluntary – and barely any have returned while Myanmar continues to deny them citizenship. Myanmar has offered to allow the Rohingya freedom of movement if they accept a national ID card – which Rohingya believe would mean accepting their status as illegal immigrants.

Those who did not flee now number less than half a million in Rakhine. They accuse the government of systemic oppression.

Myanmar Muslims: “We’re citizens too”

The attempted repatriation on Thursday involved nearly 300 families, with buses ready to bring them back to Myanmar.

The United Nations refugee agency, which interviewed families to see if they wanted to return, said: “So far, none have indicated a willingness to repatriate at this time.”

Presentational grey line

Bangladesh losing patience

The refugee crisis has brought tremendous domestic political pressure on the government of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, as the host community loses patience with the Rohingya.

Many experts in Bangladesh believe that China has a big role to play in exerting pressure on Myanmar so that it ensures safer conditions for returning refugees.

Another important factor is the law and order situation inside the camps. Incidents suggest an armed group among the Rohingya is getting stronger.

Many people fear that Islamic extremists might be spreading in the refugee camps, which are characterised by extreme poverty.

Presentational grey line

On the same day, the UN fact-finding mission responsible for uncovering Myanmar human rights abuses, said rape was widely used by soldiers in “the Myanmar military’s genocidal intent to destroy the Rohingya population”.

It continues in Kachin and Shan states today, the fact-finding mission said.

Sexual violence by the military was “part of a deliberate, well-planned strategy to intimidate, terrorise and punish a civilian population,” it concluded.

Two years in exile

In Kutupalang, the world’s largest refugee camp, prayers and songs rang out as up to 30,000 people took part in marking the anniversary.

“I have come here to seek justice for the murder of my two sons. I will continue to seek justice till my last breath,” 50-year-old Tayaba Khatun told AFP news agency.

Rohingya leader Mohib Ullah said: “We have asked the Burmese (Myanmar) government for dialogue. But we haven’t got any response from them yet.

“We were beaten, killed and raped in Rakhine. But still that is our home. And we want to go back.”

In their two years of exile, the Rohingya in Kutupalong have opened small shops and built schools in the refugee camp, creating a small sense of normalcy.

“I came from Burma, unable to tolerate the torture there, so I came to Bangladesh,” Ali Akbar told Reuters from his phone repair and recharge stall. “Coming here I have started this business, I am happy here.”

Mohammed Salim said he fled when his home in Myanmar was burned, crossing jungle to get to the camp where charities provided food and clean water.

“Now we are passing good time, we are happy here… they burned our houses, took away our cattle, seized our lands. If they return our lands, homes and also they give us citizenship then we will go back, otherwise we will not go.”

Not everything in the camps is peaceful, however.

On Saturday, Bangladeshi police said they had shot and killed two refugees in Jadimura refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar.

The pair who were shot during a manhunt for suspects in the killing of Omar Faruk, an official from the ruling party, allegedly at the hands of armed refugees.

That version of events was called into question by rights activists, who told AFP they believed the encounter had been staged.

I Pray They Arrest All of You – Georgina Onuoha Tells Slay Queens And Slay Thieves

I pray they arrest all of you - Georgina Onuoha tells Slay Queens and Slay Thieves

Georgina Onuoha shared her prayer for Slay Queens and Slay Thieves in a rejoinder comment to a statement she shared earlier on the arrest of 77 Nigerians by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


As reported earlier that the US based Nollywood actress turned Nurse took a swipe at Nigerian celebrities who take pride in celebrating people with questionable source of wealth. She also dragged Slay Queens who display so much luxury on Instagram without any known source of income.


In a new post she shared, Georgina Onuoha stated that the FBI keeps tabs on all posts shared by Slay Queens and Slay Thieves on social media. The mother of two also revealed other channels the FBI gathers its information as she encouraged hardworking Nigerians in the country and in diaspora.


Lamenting over the moral decadence in the country, Georgina stated that people who derive joy in defrauding innocent people will also be served same when apprehended. She wrote;


Life on the fast lane.

Note to all the Slay Queens/Slay thieves: As you display your ill gotten wealth on social media, just remember that Uncle FBI is keeping a tab on you. So please continue ??. As you fly around Europe and the globe, just remember they The the information of your grant grandma village is with the US government. Your next door neighbor even in your village might just be an under cover agent tracking you. So please continue and we pray they arrest you all and house clean our society.

To every hand working man or woman in Nigeria and diaspora, you labor is valid. Keep doing your best.. There is dignity in hard labor. You can go to bed at night and sleep well.

I weep for the moral depression consuming our society. The quest to show off, flaunt childish nonsense and impress miscreants leads you no where other than shame and pain.

To all the Slay Queens and Slay thieves living beyond tyour means and putting our impressionable youths under pressure, your day of reckoning is at hand. Interpol is watching. Continue your shameless thievery. We now live in a society where mothers don’t question their sons and daughters about their sudden wealth, a society where women don’t ask their spouses what they do?

Children can’t speak to the conscience of their parents, pastors preach prosperity and not salvation from their pulpit, Politicians embezzle funds meant to develop their communities and uplift their next generation, a society where teenage girls marry their ancestors because of riches. The moral decadence ravaging our country is palpable.

If your joy is to take a clandestine approach to defraud innocent people, so shall clandestine measures be used to apprehend you. God bless all giving their utmost best to live a decent life. Integrity over money any day.


I pray they arrest all of you - Georgina Onuoha tells Slay Queens and Slay Thieves

Photos of Army Captain Who Helped Taraba Kidnap Kingpin, Hamisu Wadume Escape After Ordering Shooting of Policemen

Photos of Army Captain who helped Taraba kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape after ordering shooting of policemen

Photos of Captain Tijjani Balarabe, the Nigerian army captain that helped Taraba Kidnap Kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape while being transported by policemen to Taraba State Police headquarters has surfaced following the confession of the re-arrested suspect.


It was reported that Wadume in his confession upon getting re-arrested, said the army captain that helped him escape is on his payroll. The Taraba kidnap kingpin also disclosed that he paid huge amounts into the army captain’s bank account three weeks before his arrest and also paid his way through checkpoints to avoid getting arrested with his gang members.


Wadume on Tuesday August 20, revealed how the army captain freed him from police custody. He said the soldiers drove him to the barracks before he was taken to the army captain’s house, where a welder was invited to cut off the hand and leg chains.


Here is a brief info about the army captain.


Captain Balarabe was born in Tudun Fera, one of the communities in Jos North Local Government of Plateau state. He was recruited during the Nigerian Army’s 35 Regular In-take of 1993, just before former Head of State Ibrahim Babangida created the now disbanded National Guards.


Photos of Army Captain who helped Taraba kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape after ordering shooting of policemen


10 years after getting enlisted, he joined Nigerian Army’s 2 Battalion then based in Bori Camp, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, as part of the United Nations-backed Nigerian contingent to Liberia in 2003.


“He was one of the soldiers assigned to escort duties for our commanding officer,” a retired soldier told Daily Trust.


Though he didn’t further his education beyond secondary school, Balarabe soon got lucky in his military career.


“He was posted to be part of a team providing security cover to a former military administrator of one of the states in the North-East,” a military personnel said.


Photos of Army Captain who helped Taraba kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape after ordering shooting of policemen


From being posted to one of the most respected, professional and prestigious military units in the Army, the Guards Brigade, Balarabe became a sergeant and served as a driver to senior army officers. Sources said he was once attached to a former Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) as a personal driver. He also attended a military course at the Warrant Officers’ Academy in Jaji Military Cantonment.


Daily Trust reported that Balarabe was commissioned as a military officer in early 2000s even though his certificates were found “questionable.” He was reportedly detained in a guardroom for over a year, after he allegedly presented a secondary school certificate which the screening board said belonged to someone else.


Unfazed by the certificate scandal, the Plateau-born military gave it another shot and was decorated as a lieutenant in 2013 after attending a training for Executive Commission category.


“Because he was popular at the Mambilla barracks, his friends who were doing business at Mammy Market adorned the walls of their shops with the pictures he took in his officer rank during pass out,” said another officer.


Photos of Army Captain who helped Taraba kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape after ordering shooting of policemen


It was further learnt that he sustained a gunshot injury following an attack by Boko Haram insurgents on his deployment to the North-East.


“He came back for home treatment and stayed in Mambilla Barracks until he was fit enough to return to active duty,” the source, now the security chief of a private company, said.


Captain Balarabe who was in Abia before being transferred to the army barracks in Takum community of Taraba State, was reportedly building a bakery in Jos after the completion of his two-bedroom apartment, before his link to Hamisu Wadume was uncovered.


“He was on the verge of importing some modern equipment to kick-start production when this saga erupted,” said the source.


Photos of Army Captain who helped Taraba kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape after ordering shooting of policemen


His father said to be an Islamic cleric, reportedly died over 25 years. Balarabe’s mother on the other hand is from a royal house in Jalingo which she relocated to shortly after the death of her husband.


“Tijjani is from a reputable home. His father was an Islamic cleric who was well respected in the community. All the children are decent, and I can tell you that this came to us as a surprise and many people cannot believe that Tijjani is in any way connected to the killing of the police officers or have anything to do with Hamisu Wadume,” a source said.

Presidency Denies Reports That Ministers Have Been Banned From Having Direct Access To President Buhari

Presidency denies reports that Ministers have been banned from having direct access to President Buhari

The Presidency has denied recent media reports that the new Ministers have been banned from having direct access to President Buhari.


Recall that at the 2-day retreat for the Ministers designate, President Buhari informed them that all correspondents and scheduling of meetings must go through his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari. This implied that all the Ministers must go through Kyari to fix appontments with President Buhari for them to see him.


Some Nigerians interpreted this to mean that the Ministers have been banned from seeing President Buhari. Others implied that Kyari is now in charge of the government.


However in a statement released by Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, the presidency denied claims that Ministers have been barred from having access to President Buhari. According to the statement, the system where Ministers and State House officers go through the President’s Chief of Staff is what is obtainable in developed countries like the United States. Read the statement below


Recent media and social media reports on the responsibilities of the Chief of Staff to the President have suggested that the role has changed. This is not the case.

Today, under the Buhari II administration the role of Chief of Staff remains the same as it was under Buhari I.

It is worth stressing that the role and responsibilities of the Chief of Staff and the method of communication and arranging scheduling between Cabinet members and the President are, in Nigeria, based on the US model, where the same system operates – and has done for decades – in precisely the same way.

That role is to act as the head of the presidential administration at Aso Rock; to be an adviser to the President on any and all matters; to be the line manager for all staff at Aso Rock; and to manage appointments and scheduling for the President.

In the traditional presidential system, it is a primary function of a Chief of Staff, which may vary according to the needs and desires of each President, to supervise key State House Staff, control access to the office and the person of the President, manage communications and information flow and this includes that which binds the relationship with the two other arms of government.

During the President’s first term those were the responsibilities of the Chief of Staff, and they remain the same responsibilities today. There is no change.

When President Buhari explained to ministers that they would be expected to communicate with him and arrange scheduling to meet with him primarily via the Chief of Staff, he did so as many of the Buhari II Cabinet ministerial appointments are new appointments and cannot therefore be expected to know how matters of liaising with the President operate.

This is to stress that access to the President is open to ministers. It is not true that this is denied them in the Second Term.

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) on the other hand is responsible for ensuring the effective coordination and monitoring of the implementation of government policies and programmes. All cabinet matters must go through him.

Under this dispensation, a performance evaluation of ministers and Permanent Secretary will be maintained by the SGF. Two weeks after assuming office, they are expected to sign mandate acceptance documents.

It is time to end the unnecessary controversy, for the key appointees of the President to carry out their jobs.

Stop Using Security Agencies To Silence Nigerians – Soyinka Tells Buhari

Stop using security agencies to silence Nigerians - Soyinka tells Buhari

Prof. Wole Soyinka has alleged that the Buhari-led administration is using security agencies to silence Nigerians.


The Nobel Laureate made this claim at the unveiling of an art gallery in commemoration of his 85th birthday. Insisting that such move only shows that the government is afraid, Soyinka added that it also reduces those running the government.


“It is important to send strong message to this government and to the security services to stop trying to muzzle people when they come together to exchange ideas.

“You’re reducing them as human beings and you’re also reducing yourselves as human beings, because it means you’re afraid to listen” he said.


Speaking further at the event held on Saturday August 24, Soyinka told Nigerians not to believe everything they read on social media.


“Be very, very careful what you believe even when you read such materials in social media or sometimes in newspapers because in this country, we have a most fertile multiplier effect.

“When somebody hears something, he puts it on the Internet, it spreads and an industry begins as people start commenting on things which never existed.

“Sometimes on social media, you’ll even see trending quotes supposedly from me, with my name, my photograph, with statements which represents what those people want to say but lacked the courage to say it” he said.


This is coming after security operatives sealed off the venue of a symposium where Soyinka, Falana and many others were expected to speak on the security issues ravaging the country.

‘We Did Not Have Budget For Thugs, That Era Ended With PDP’ – APC Disowns Wadume’s N13m Allegation

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has dissociated itself from the N13 million allegedly given to suspected Kidnap kingpin, Alhaji Hamisu Balla, a.k.a Wadume for the Presidential election.


Wadume in his statement allegedly confessed being given N13 million by the APC, but spent N7 million of the money for the election, in addition to collecting about N6 million from an unnamed sitting governor.

Reacting to the claim, National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mallam Lanre Issa Onilu said the party has no budget for political thugs, stressing that it would be better for the suspect to name who gave him the money.

“It is expected that the alleged kidnapper, having come face to face with justice, would throw whatever he could lay his hands on into the fray. In any case, our party did not have budget for thugs.

“Unlike the period when the ruling party dipped hands into the public treasury to fund political campaigns and elections, APC had to rely on its own resources. Even if we had all the money, we would never allocate money for kidnappers and murderers. That era ended with PDP.

“Perhaps, he can name whoever gave him money. Definitely, it was not APC. From his purported confession, he claimed to be a PDP member before he went on to contest under another party.”

Amazon Rainforest Fires: Ten Readers’ Questions Answered

An aerial view of a tract of Amazon jungle burning as it is cleared by loggers and farmers near the city of Novo Progresso, Para state.

Inpe said it had detected more than 72,000 fires so far this year



Swathes of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil are burning at a record rate.

On Monday, the sky in São Paulo blackened due to smoke drifting from the fires 2,700 km (1,700 miles) away. Politicians and environmental activists are taking a stand against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, blaming the fires on his policies.

But it’s a complex story, and online discussion of it has been riddled with misinformation, misleading photos and errors. To fill in the gaps and bust some common myths, we asked you to send us your questions on the Amazon fires.

We chose a sample of the many questions we received and where we didn’t know the answer, we enrolled the experts.

1) Why are there fires? Is it Bolsonaro’s men doing it to clear rainforest for mining/farming etc? – Alex

Brazilian journalist Silio Boccanera argues that some fires at this time of year – the dry season in Brazil – are to be expected. But many of the fires burning through the Amazon are believed to have been started deliberately.

President Bolsonaro has not condemned deforestation and supports clearing the Amazon for agriculture and mining.

“So it’s a combination of natural phenomena with locals feeling comfortable enough to do it because the government has not made any effort to prevent it,” Mr Boccanera says.

Smoke rising through the rainforest
Smoke rising through the rainforest


He thinks that smaller groups of people are more responsible for starting the fires than big corporations selling beef and soy, which could run the risk of being boycotted.

Although the big corporations are not innocent, they are better informed, he says.

But smaller groups – who benefit from destroying areas of the forest for farming – have gone ahead because they have not been stopped by authorities, Mr Boccanera explains.

Although deliberate fire-starting has always been a problem, it has never been seen to this extent. Mr Boccanera says perpetrators now know that if they are caught, they won’t be punished.

2) The number of fires seems like a bad metric, because the size of fires varies. Is there year-on-year data on the total area affected? – Peter

This is a fair point – Brazil’s satellite agency found there’s been an 84% increase in the number of fires compared with the same period in 2018. It detected more than 74,000 fires in Brazil between January and August – the highest number since records began in 2013. Most of those were in the Amazon.

But does this mean more land is being burned? After all, we could be looking at 74,000 tiny fires.

Map showing active fires in the Brazilian Amazon

The truth is we don’t know yet, but the evidence points towards more land being consumed.

We don’t have the full picture at the moment, partly because many fires are still burning. We asked Copernicus, the European Union’s earth observation programme, and they said the best way to assess how destructive these fires are is to look at how much carbon dioxide is being released.

So far this year, the equivalent of 228 megatonnes has been released, according to the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service. This is the highest level since 2010.

At some point in the future, there should be more detailed satellite information about how much land had been burned, but that information isn’t available yet.

3) What’s being done to stop the fires? – Paul

President Bolsonaro is coming under growing political pressure to end the burning of the Amazon – France’s President Emmanuel Macron has even threatened to scrap a huge trade deal between the European Union and South America as a result.

But warnings by themselves don’t put out fires. There do seem to be some signs, however, that Brazil’s government is taking action on that front.

Mr Bolsonaro says he is calling in the armed forces, who have more resources to tackle the fires, including the use of helicopters and aeroplanes to drop water.

However, journalist Silio Boccanera believes the attitude at the top of government needs to change. Before, people believed deforestation needed to be prevented. But now “people are burning without fear”, he says.

4) The coverage on this subject has only come to light recently because of the #PrayforAmazonas and #PrayforAmazonia hashtag. Why have you not reported it? – Jake

We and other news outlets have published several reports in recent weeks about the extent of deforestation in the Amazon – here’s one report we wrote on 2 July, another from 20 Julyand another from 2 August.

But the extent of the fires has only recently become clear. It was not even being reported very widely in Brazil.

The first real sign vast burning was taking place came when a daytime blackout, caused by smoke from the Amazon, hit Sao Paulo on Monday.

We first published an article on Tuesday afternoon, just a few hours after our colleagues at BBC Brasil, and we’ve kept updating it ever since.

Worldwide protests over Brazilian government inaction on Amazon fires

The #PrayforAmazonas hashtag was first used in the early hours of Wednesday, UK time. This, and others such as #prayforrondonia have become trending topics around the world.

5) Is this a natural, healthy way the forest self-clears for new growth? – Lucy

As Lucy suggests, there is a case to be made that some fire-adapted forests benefit from fires – they can help clear the forest and allow trees space to grow stronger.

But this is not the situation right now in the Amazon, says Yadvinder Malhi, Professor of Ecosystem Science at the University of Oxford. “These are fires that we are concerned about,” he says. The humid forests of the Amazon have no adaptation to fire and suffer immense damage. Almost all fires in humid forests are started by people.

He believes the driving force behind the fire is human rather than natural.

Brazil Amazon fires graph

While statistics show that 2016 also saw a significant number of fires in the Amazon, this was considered a “drought year”- when there is naturally less rain so the forest is drier and therefore more fire-prone.

But 2019 has not been a drought year. Professor Malhi says there is such a large number of fires because people have lit them.

6) How quickly does the Amazon rainforest regenerate after a fire? – Emily

“The forest takes around 20-40 years if it’s allowed to regenerate,” says Prof Malhi.

But any fires that are currently burning will leave the surviving trees more vulnerable to drought and repeated fires.

Prof Malhi is worried that if the Amazon is hit by fires every few years large parts of it will shift to a degraded shrubby state.

“Once you’ve had multiple fires there’s the chance of permanent damage,” he says.

7) If this current trend were to continue at its present rate, how long would the Amazon rainforest area survive? – Christopher

“We are at an early stage where we can still do lots to save the forest,” says Prof Malhi. About 80% of the Amazon is still intact.

But he says that climate change and deforestation are a dangerous combination. A reduction in rainfall would create dry conditions for fires to spread.

If 30-40% of the Amazon was cleared, then there would be a danger of changing the forest’s entire climate, he says.

In the years before 2005, Brazil had an extremely high rate of deforestation.

Aerial photo showing rapid deforestation of the Amazon rainforest
Photos from 2003 showing aggressive deforestation in Brazil


“If Brazil were to return to that, it would take around 50-60 years to deforest 40% of the Amazon,” Prof Malhi says. “But in eastern and southern Amazonia it would take only 20-30 years to reach that threshold.”

8) What percentage of oxygen does the Amazon supply? – Tom

Our colleagues from BBC Reality Check spent most of the day on Friday getting to the bottom of this.

Many claim on social media that the Amazon produces about 20% of the world’s oxygen. It’s widely quoted – by campaign groups and well-known figures, including Emmanuel Macron and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

But academics say this is a very common misconception, and that the figure is less than 10%.

Oxygen is released by plants during the process of photosynthesis, where sunlight and carbon dioxide are converted into energy in the form of carbohydrates.

A large proportion of the world’s oxygen is produced by plankton, explains Professor Malhi. He says of the oxygen produced by land-based plants, about 16% comes from the Amazon.

But this isn’t the whole story. In the long run, the Amazon absorbs about the same amount of oxygen as it produces, effectively making the total produced net zero.

Professor Jon Lloyd from Imperial College London says although the Amazon produces a lot of oxygen during the day through photosynthesis, it absorbs about half of it back through the process of respiration to grow. Further oxygen is used up by the forest’s soil, animals and microbes.

The fires are also emitting carbon monoxide – a gas released when wood is burned and does not have much access to oxygen.

Map showing carbon monoxide emissions over the Amazon
Presentational white space

9) Will the smoke from these fires have an effect on global weather in future months? – David

Prof Malhi says the immediate effect of the fires will be on the climate of South America. Reduced rain fall is likely, leading to a more intensive dry season.

“The carbon emission could contribute to global warming,” he adds, but the longer term global impact is “more difficult to pin down”.

10) How are these fires affecting the indigenous people? – Samantha

Just this week, 68 fires were registered in indigenous territories and conservation areas, the majority in the Amazon, according to Jonathan Mozower from Survival International, which campaigns for indigenous rights.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of these forests for indigenous peoples,” he says. “They depend on them for food, medicines, clothing and a sense of identity and belonging.

But the incentives to steal these resources are high and “sadly it’s not a question of one or two rogue actors”, Mr Mazower says. He says this could be the “worst moment for the indigenous people of the Amazon” since the military dictatorship, which ended in the 1980s.

First Photos From Toyin Abraham’s 3-in-1 Naming Ceremony in Lagos

First photos from Toyin Abraham

A 3-in-1 celebration in being held in honour of Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham and her new born baby in Lagos today.


The event packaged by fellow actress, Nkechi Blessing is set to kick off at 4pm today.


See more photos from the venue below….

First photos from Toyin Abraham

First photos from Toyin Abraham

First photos from Toyin Abraham

‘Slavery Still Exists, We Must Take Action’ – President Buhari Marks 400th Anniversary of Slave Trade Abolition With Washington Post Article

President Muhammadu Buhari has called for the abolition of slavery in all modern forms in a opinion article he published in The Washington Post to mark the  International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.


See the article below…

Four centuries ago, the first 20 documented African slaves arrived on the shores of Virginia. In the years that followed, millions more were shipped in dehumanizing conditions across the ocean and enslaved. Slavery had, of course, existed before. But this indicated the beginning of a mechanized trade that saw human beings reduced to property on an unprecedented scale.

Despite the fact that descendants of African slaves have made valuable contributions across society, they are still dealing with the effects of this poisonous legacy. They still have to navigate its everyday manifestations, such as discrimination, racism or lack of access to resources and opportunities.

This must not be overlooked or forgotten.  Yet, as we reflect on this day, International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition, it is clear slavery did not only thrive then. It still thrives today. Across the world it is estimated there are as many as 40 million men, women and children living in forced servitude. They are the industrial victims of a business many believe was abolished hundreds of years ago. They are the modern enslaved.

Their exploitation appears in many guises, though usually unrecognized as slavery. Many victims are unseen, hidden beneath opaque supply chains. Others are hidden in plain sight, entrapped by circumstances that rob them of autonomy. In any case, their labor, often dangerous, is no product of choice, and its conditions are self-perpetuating.  In Africa, its modern forms include debt bondage, the enslavement of war captives, commercial sexual exploitation and forced domestic servitude.

Holding people held against their will, controlling their movements and forcing them to work for the sole profit of others — wherever they are — is slavery today and always.  The abolitionists of the 19th century succeeded more than any before: By working to extinguish the transatlantic slave trade that had claimed 15 million victims, they laid the groundwork to ensure it did not manufacture millions more. But their work is not done. We must take up their examples as we forge a path forward to eliminate modern-day slavery in all its forms.

Slavery, once again, has become entwined in the global economy — and it is largely unseen. For instance, most of us might know in principle that the mining of cobalt crucial to our smartphones might have used forced labor. But what do we know of those that experience it? Just as personal testimony and resulting public pressure led to the passing of the Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade in Britain in 1807, these stories must be told and used to inform policy.

Once heard, they can elevate visceral reactions, driving the public pressure needed to ensure the application of anti-slavery laws.  One distinction from then and now is important: the costs. From records, adjusted for today’s prices, the cost of a human-being-as-property was valued on average at $40,000. Today, it is just $90, sometimes even lower. We must remember that slavery is not simply a campaign of hatred; it is the pursuit of profit. One way to extinguish it in its current forms, therefore, is to make it economically unfeasible.

This means making sure that any anti-slavery laws have bite, come with strong penalties and are enforced.  It is also vital to have a robust tip-off and reporting system. Where this once meant detecting ships, today the signs are less conspicuous. The public must be shown how to see what is hidden in plain sight, particularly signs of suspicious behavior. This might seem broad. But vagueness should not give rise to reluctance to report anything that could be smuggling or forced servitude.

If something doesn’t look right, report it, for you could be securing another human’s freedom.   In Nigeria, our anti-trafficking agency has rolled out the “Not for Sale” campaign to protect against the deceptions of human smugglers, helping those who might be vulnerable to false promises see through the ruse and say no. These prevention programs are crucial.  The appearance of slavery today might have changed.

The institution has not. There are no radical solutions to conjure, only political will. But on this, we can learn from the past, the shadows in which modern slavery proliferates today.  It is not enough to mark this 400th anniversary. We must use it as a platform to eliminate slavery in all its present-day forms. We should reflect in memory to find a better future, one that should ensure freedom for all.

Timi Dakolo And His Adorable Children Enjoy Swimming Together [Photos]

Timi Dakolo and his adorable children enjoy swimming together (Photos)

Timi Dakolo shared these beautiful family photos of himself and his three adorable children enjoying swimming this morning (August 24).

See more photos below…

Timi Dakolo and his adorable children enjoy swimming together (Photos)Timi Dakolo and his adorable children enjoy swimming together (Photos)

German Authorities Investigate Attack On Ekweremadu

German Authorities Investigate Attack On Ekweremadu

Authorities in Germany say they are investigating last week’s attack on former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, in Nurnberg.

Channels Television gathered that about five persons suspected to have taken part in the attack have been identified, although no names and no arrests have been announced.

Detective Chief Superintendent Robert Sandmann told journalists that the German Police State Security Department in charge of Politically Motivated Crimes has taken charge of the investigation.

He added that the incident was being probed along with the Public Prosecutor for Nurnberg-Fürth, noting that both entities have been in contact with the Nigerian embassy in the country.

A video of the attack on Senator Ekweremadu went viral on the social media on August 17, showing people said to be members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) assaulting the lawmaker who managed to escape from being lynched.

Senator Ekweremadu was at Nurnberg for the New Yam Festival as a speaker and special guest of honour of the event organised by Igbos resident there.

The incident attracted condemnation from the Government of Nigeria, the Igbo socio-cultural group Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, as well as prominent Nigerians.

S.Africa’s Buthelezi, 90, steps down as Inkatha Freedom Party leader

S.Africa's Buthelezi, 90, steps down as Inkatha Freedom Party leader

Mangosuthu Buthelezi, head of the once-feared Zulu nationalist Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), on Saturday stepped down as party leader after 44 years.

Buthelezi, 90 led the party from its inception, a reign marked by bloody territorial battles with ANC supporters in black townships during the 1980s and 1990s that left thousands dead.

As prime minister of the “independent” homeland of KwaZulu, a political creation of the apartheid government, Buthelezi was often regarded as an ally of South Africa’s racist apartheid regime.

He was dogged by allegations that he collaborated with the old government to fuel violence to derail the ANC’s liberation struggle — a claim he furiously denied.

“I will not stand for re-election,” he told a congress of his party meeting in the town of Ulundi, north of Durban to elect new leadership.

“My time as president of IFP is finished, I am handing over the baton this afternoon,” he told delegates making reference to a “long” and “difficult” journey he has travelled.

“It was not my own decision to remain as party president for many years, but (we are) democrats, when my party unanimously asked me to lead, I accepted,” he said.

Buthelezi was a minister in the ANC-led government between 1994 and 2004.

Born of royal blood, he was to some the embodiment of the Zulu spirit and for years was defined by his bitter rivalry with the ruling African National Congress (ANC), a party that was his political home until he broke away to form the IFP in 1975.

Buthelezi, who turns 91 on Tuesday, is the oldest-serving lawmaker in South Africa’s parliament.

He is also listed in the Guinness World Records as having made the longest speech to a legislative assembly with an address in March 1993 over 11 days, with an average of two-and-a-half hours each day.

On Saturday, he spoke for nearly two hours.

The IFP draws its support base from country’s largest ethnic group, the Zulus, and the party was formed as a cultural organisation.

In the first non-racial elections in 1994, the IFP won 43 seats — but its showing dwindled to just 14 seats in the last vote in May.

Rotimi Amaechi Announces That Transport University Will Open Soon in President Buhari’s Hometown, Daura

Rotimi Amaechi?announces that?Transport University will open soon in President?Buhari?s hometown,?Daura

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi announced on Friday, August 23rd that the groundbreaking of a Transport University, to be based in President Buhari’s hometown of Daura, would take place in September.


Amaechi disclosed this while inspecting Lagos-Ibadan railway construction. The minister said the ministry would also establish a factory in Kajola, Ogun, to produce materials for the rail project.


“We have agreed with contractors handling the university and the rail line to have the groundbreaking between September and October for the two projects. He said the federal government was expecting contractors handling key road projects to hasten work to eliminate gridlocks, especially in Apapa area, Lagos. He said the completion of the rail project would reduce gridlocks in Apapa and other parts of Lagos.


The minister said the factory to be built at Kajola would produce wagons and coaches and later locomotives, adding this would reduce import of the equipment from China.

“So, as part of the benefits, the company will build a factory in Kajola.  On the slow pace of the rail project, the minister linked it to insufficient funds and the absence of a cabinet to approve the payment.

The 157 kilometre Lagos-Ibadan rail project was awarded in 2017 to the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC ) at the cost of 1.6 billion Dollars with a three-year completion agreement. As at May, the laying of the rail track had coverrd 123 kilometres.

Just Like Ekweremadu, We Will Disgrace Buhari in Japan – Nnamdi Kanu

Just like Ekweremadu, we will disgrace Buhari in Japan- Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the proscribed Indigenious People of Biafra IPOB, says members of the group in the Republic of Japan have received orders from him to ”disgrace and arrest” President Buhari when he arrives the Asian country on Sunday August 25th.

In a statement released on Friday August 23rd, Kanu said President Buhari must be arrested and handed over to Japanese authorities to enable him to answer for his alleged mass murder and crimes against humanity, which he allegedly committed against IPOB members in Nigeria between 2015 and 2019.


He urged IPOB members in the country to mobilise and ensure that they arrest President Buhari, stressing that the group is ready for the legal aftermath of the action.


The Presidency on Friday announced that President Buhari will leave Nigeria for Japan on Sunday August 25th to participate in the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development, holding in the City of Yokohama from August 28th-30th.


Recall that last Saturday, members of the secessionist group attacked former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, at the New Yam Festival in Germany.

Between Naira Marley And A Lady Who Asked Him To Impregnate Her

Between Naira Marley and a lady who asked him to impregnate her

Here is singer, Naira Marley’s reaction to a lady who appealed to him to come impregnate her.

Update: Little Girl Allegedly Beaten To Death By Her Father Was Accused of Being Possessed

Update: Little girl allegedly beaten to death by her father was accused of being possessed

The little girl who was allegedly beaten to death by her father on Thursday August 22nd, was accused of being possessed by her parents.


Recall that on Thursday August 23rd, the little girl who has been identified as Testimony Toke Babalola, was rushed to the hospital by a lady believed to ber her mother. The lady later escaped from the hospital with her corpse after she was certified dead.


Update: Little girl allegedly beaten to death by her father was accused of being possessed


Twitter user@YemieFASH who initially shared the sad story online, has given an update. According to him, Testimony Toke Babaloloa was being abused by her parents who believed she was evil. He posted new photos of the little girl with her battered body on Twitter and wrote;


Her name is Testimony Toke Babalola, her parents have been abusing her like this because they were told she’s possessed. The name of her Father who beat her to death is Mr. Felix Babalola. We will ensure that justice is served.

Update: Little girl allegedly beaten to death by her father was accused of being possessed

$8.9Billion UK Court Award Against Nigeria: EFCC Begins Investigation Into Alleged Breach of Contract

EFCC begins investigation into .9billion UK court award against Nigeria over alleged breach of contract

Ibrahim Magu, Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has disclosed that the Commission had commenced investigation into the circumstances leading to the $8.9billion arbitral award against Nigeria by a United Kingdom Court over alleged breach of gas contract agreement between it and Process and Industrial Development Limited.

Describing the process leading to the judgment as “day light robbery”, Magu vowed that the Commission will forensically investigate the transaction and bring anyone one found wanting to justice.


He spoke while playing host to a delegation from the Nigerian Diaspora Commission, led by the Chairman and Chief Executive, Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa,  who sought for collaboration with EFCC towards effective combating of cyber crimes, being committed by Nigerians in the Diaspora.


Erewa-Dabiri decried the rate at which Nigerians particularly the youth get involved in all manners of fraudulent activities in foreign countries, saying more efforts should be geared towards the combating of the crimes. “It is very embarrassing to know that out of 80 suspected fraudsters you find, 70 are actually Nigerians,” she said.

According to her, “when things like these happen, they damage the image of the country,” noting that the bad reputation of a few Nigerians who commit crimes are affecting the rest of the citizens.

She urged the EFCC to tackle cyber crimes as effectively as it has been fighting the war against corruption.”We hope that the EFCC will reassure the world that we are fighting cyber crime,” she said.


In his response, the Acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, while expressing his disappointment at the rising rate at which Nigerians embrace cyber crimes at home and abroad assured of his resolve to tackle the scourge of cyber crimes and to totally rid the country of them.

Smart Adeyemi is ‘My Political Wife’ – Dino Melaye Mocks APC’s Candidate After Being Sacked

 Smart Adeyemi Is ?My Political Wife? ?  Dino Melaye mocks APC

Dino Melaye has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) Smart Adeyemi as his ‘political wife’, in reaction to his sack as senator representing Kogi West Senatorial district in the red chamber.


We reported that a Dino Melaye was sacked as the senator representing the Kogi West Senatorial district by a three-man panel of the Tribunal led by Justice Anthony Chijioke. The tribunal also ordered a fresh election.


Noting that there were two rulings from the Tribunal while being featured as a guest on Channels Television, Dino who contested the election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stated that the minority judgement was delivered by the chairman of the panel and he described it as “exclusive and wonderful”.


He however faulted the judgement of the two other members of the Tribunal who ruled against him. The Kogi-born lawmaker added that the tribunal’s ruling was aimed at distracting him from his governorship ambition.


“I want to assure you that Smart Adeyemi is my political wife; I defeated him in 2015, I defeated him in 2019 and any day any time, he is my political wife,” the embattled lawmaker insisted.

“I want to say that I cannot be distracted and I will not be distracted. My name is Daniel; I will not fall … I am focused on my governorship ambition and we will get it.

“The only time there will be election for the seat of the Senate in Kogi West is after I am sworn in as the governor of Kogi State.

“That will necessitate vacancy but before then, there will be no by-election as a result of attempted robbery that is going on right now.”

“Spiritually we are already in the court of appeal; physically we will be there on Monday. The only election that will be conducted is the governorship election that I will win. My mandate is secured, my mandate is guaranteed,” he added.

‘We did not have budget for thugs, that era ended with PDP’ – APC disowns Wadume’s N13m allegation

'We did not have budget for thugs, that era ended with PDP' - APC disowns Wadume's N13m allegation

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has dissociated itself from the N13 million allegedly given to suspected Kidnap kingpin, Alhaji Hamisu Balla, a.k.a Wadume for the Presidential election.

Wadume in his statement allegedly confessed being given N13 million by the APC, but spent N7 million of the money for the election, in addition to collecting about N6 million from an unnamed sitting governor.

Reacting to the claim, National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mallam Lanre Issa Onilu said the party has no budget for political thugs, stressing that it would be better for the suspect to name who gave him the money.

“It is expected that the alleged kidnapper, having come face to face with justice, would throw whatever he could lay his hands on into the fray. In any case, our party did not have budget for thugs.

“Unlike the period when the ruling party dipped hands into the public treasury to fund political campaigns and elections, APC had to rely on its own resources. Even if we had all the money, we would never allocate money for kidnappers and murderers. That era ended with PDP.

“Perhaps, he can name whoever gave him money. Definitely, it was not APC. From his purported confession, he claimed to be a PDP member before he went on to contest under another party.”

Lady sells her baby for N500k after delivery, tells her husband she lost the pregnancy

Lady sells her baby for N500k after delivery, tells her husband she lost the pregnancy

The Imo state police command has arrested and paraded a housewife identified as Chinasa Ukaonu, for selling her baby for N500k after delivery.

The plan to sell her baby was set in motion after she told her husband Promise Ukaonu, that she was going to stay with her brother for a while at Mbaitoli in the 8-month of her pregnancy. However after sending over a message of losing the pregnancy shortly after, Chinasa turned up at a baby factory where two nurses, Esomonu Dorothy and Eke Catherine delivered her of the baby.

Suspecting foul play, Promise reported the incident to the police. Upon being arrested, the mother named the two nurses who helped her out during delivery and also revealed she sold her baby for N500k to one Mrs. Chioma Amadi.

The State Police Commissioner, Rabiu Ladodo said the paraded suspects will be charged to court after investigation has been concluded. He also confirmed that the baby has been recovered.

D’banj Announces He’s Going To Be A Father in Few Months [Video]


D’banj has announced that he is going to be a father again, 14 months after losing his son Daniel Jr. in a sad domestic accident that occurred at his Ikoyi home.


The Nigerian superstar singer in an interview with OAP Shopsy of Beat FM London, thanked everyone that supported him throughout the trying time. He revealed that he only went for therapy once with his wife Didi Lineo, but stopped going after it brought up a lot.


D’banj said that he never thought of losing a child ever and the incident really broke him. He added that he is going to be a father in few months after praying for restoration after the sad incident.


The former Mohits singer also hinted on having a two-part series album. He said one part of the album talked about the challenges he faced when he lost his son, while the other part is his “everyday” rhythm.


Here is the video below;



The Nigerian veteran act and his wife Didi Lineo, lost their son on June 24, 2018. The toddler drowned in a swimming pool at his Ikoyi, Lagos home. D’banj was in the United States for the BET Awards when the sad incident occurred.

Oshiomhole will leave APC in opprobrium – Ogun party Chairman

Oshiomhole will leave APC in opprobrium – Ogun party Chairman

The Chairman of the Ogun State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) loyal to former Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, Chief Derin Adebiyi, has taken a swipe at the National Chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole, saying he will not leave his office an honourable man.

Adebiyi was speaking in reaction to an alleged forceful invasion of the party’s Secretariat in Ogun State by the caretaker committee set up by Oshiomhole, after dissolving all elected executive following the crises that engulfed the party after the controversial APC primary elections in Ogun.

The caretaker committee and other members of the party loyal to the Governor of the state, Dapo Abiodun on Friday “forcefully” took over the party Secretariat at Iyana Mortuary in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Adebiyi said, ”they thought they have some powers because Oshiomhole is supporting them, but by God’s grace, by God’s grace, if truly I am serving God and Oshiomhole did this to us, Oshiomhole will never leave that place as an honourable person. He will leave in ignominy. Quote me, because some people build this party and he is destroying it.”

Adebiyi also berated a former Governor of the state, Chief Segun Osoba, saying the problem of the APC is lack of responsible leaders.

“The problem we have in this party is that we don’t have responsible leaders. A person like Osoba, for him to engage in all this nonsense, it is worrisome. They have been using his house as their office, we never complained. We know why we didn’t complain because we know we are the authentic exco; they are just wasting their time. The masses are not on their side.

”It has gotten to a stage when people should play elderly roles. Osoba is now 80, what are they fighting us for?”

Earlier, while he was addressing newsmen after taking possession of the party’s secretariat, the caretaker Chairman, Yemi Sanusi, explained that the party members were at the secretariat to assess its condition as the party “is set to start work immediately.”

Sanusi expressed displeasure over the present condition of the secretariat, as he assured that the party will give the secretariat a befitting facelift, in preparation for the forthcoming local government elections.

But Adebiyi said, “The Governor’s band of marauders arrived the Secretariat in a warlike manner and ready for a showdown. They were accompanied by a detachment of fierce-looking mobile police officers.

“They damaged all properties at the secretariat and illegally broke into offices and carted away vital documents. Some of the destroyed materials were dumped at the back of the kiosks beside the party secretariat. They drove out members of staff of the secretariat and locked up the place.

“You will recall that the illegal occupation of the secretariat took place despite the fact that the State Executive Committee (SEC) of the party under my leadership had gone to court to challenge the illegal dissolution of the State Executive Committee by the Adams Oshiomhole – led National Working Committee (NWC) at the Federal High Court Abuja in Suit No: CV/363/2018.

“Their action is condemnable and contravenes the extant law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the constitution of our dear party.

“We shall take all legal means possible in taking back our secretariat. We are products of a congress of May 19, 2018 and those causing this problem also took part in that congress.

“We have refused to join issues with them. We don’t want to engage in violence like they have done.

“We have already filed a case at the Federal High Court in Abuja challenging the dissolution by the NWC and the next adjourned date is scheduled for October 8, 2019.

“Why can’t they wait till the outcome of the court? Why are they resorting to violence? They are very immature people and with their actions. People of the State are now of the opinion that the era of thuggery is now back in Ogun State.

“We wish to state that the action of the invaders and illegal occupiers is condemnable and contravenes the extant party laws and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“I sincerely believe all these are happening because they believe the best way to defend is to attack. But why? We don’t come to their secretariat, we never ask them what they are doing, why are they coming to our secretariat? If they know they are the official, why not leave us to be playing our pranks?

“What do they stand to gain in invading our office? Is Sanusi under any obligation to use that office? Why not sit in his office if he is so full of himself and let me sit in my office too; let’s now call a meeting and see where party members will go. They will come to us, not to them.”

Speaking about the building, Adebiyi explained that it was rented from the Osile of Oke Ona Egba, Oba Adedapo Tejuoso, father of Sen. Lanre Tejuoso, who is now with the Osoba group of the APC.

On insinuations that the house might have been taken over due to Tejuoso’s alliance with Gov Abiodun, Adebiyi said, “We rented that building, we paid and we have the receipt. As we speak, our rent still subsists; until the end of that arrangement, we are the owner of that place. Nobody can eject us until our rent expires.”

Photos: 18-year-old Nigerian girl dies 3 weeks after her wedding

Photos: 18-year-old Nigerian girl dies 3 weeks after her wedding

18-year-old Chinwendu Promise Ifeabunandu has died three weeks after her wedding.

Late Chinwendu got married to Chukwuebuka Ifeabunandu on April 28 and died on May 19, after a brief illness.

When he was asked about the circumstance surrounding Chinwendu’s death, her brother Nwakanwa Okafor, simply wrote “unexpected death”

Chinwendu will be laid to rest at her husband’s hometown, Nnulukwu village, Ichida in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State on Saturday, June 29 after a brief stop at her father’s compound.

In his tribute, Nwakanwa wrote:

Nigerians Drags EFCC After The Agency Dropped A ‘Rap’ Punchline On Social Media

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) shared this post across its social media pages today in a bid to motivate the youth but it back-fired.


Nigerian youths weren’t impressed with the agency’s attempt to ‘rap’ and took to the comment section to share their thoughts.


See the reactions below..

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Nigerians drag the heck out of EFCC after the agency dropped a

Kanu Nwankwo reacts to death of Agogo

Kanu Nwankwo reacts to death of Agogo

Arsenal legend, Kanu Nwankwo has reacted to the death of Former Ghanaian striker, Junior Agogo.

DAILY POST had reported that Agogo passed away in London at the age of 40 on Thursday.

The former Nottingham Forest star suffered a stroke back in 2015 which left him incapacitated just two years after retiring from playing.

In a tweet on Friday, the former Super Eagles captain said: “Rest in Peace Junior Agogo. My thoughts prayers are with your family and loved ones your family at this time.#RIPJAGOGO. #life #time #football #ghana #blackstar.”

Agogo featured for his country’s national team at the 2008 African Cup of Nations, AFCON, hosted in Ghana.

He scored 12 goals in 27 international caps for Ghana during the height of his career between 2006 and 2009.

NYSC: Bishop Kukah reacts to death of three corps members

NYSC: Bishop Kukah reacts to death of three corps members

Bishop Mathew Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, has paid a condolence visit to the NYSC Coordinator in Katsina State, Alhaji Ahidjo Yahaya, following the death of three corps members in a recent motor accident.

A statement by Mr Alex Obemeata, the Public Relations Officer of the NYSC in the state on Saturday, said that Kukah was accompanied on the visit by the Katsina Catholic Parish Priest, Rev. Father Joseph Dube.

He said that the deceased were members of the National Association of Catholic Corps Members, Katsina branch, who were on their way for a Church programme in Funtua, when the accident occurred.

“Bishop Kukah came to condole with the State Coordinator and the entire NYSC family in Katsina over the unfortunate death of three corps members in a motor accident on Sunday, August 18.

“The Bishop used the opportunity to thank the Director-General of the NYSC, Katsina State NYSC Coordinator, as well as the Katsina State Government for the roles they played after the incident.

“He also prayed the Almighty God to give parents of the deceased the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss,” the statement said.

The statement quoted the state NYSC Coordinator, Alhaji Yahaya, as thanking the Bishop for the visit and praying God to reward him for the kindness.

The News Agency of Nigeria learnt that nine other corps members, who sustained injuries in the incident, were taken to the hospital.

A source at the NYSC office in Katsina told NAN that the corpses would be conveyed to the respective states of the deceased on Saturday, August 24.

Ohanaeze youth issues strong warning over alleged plot by Nnamdi Kanu to attack Buhari in Japan

Ohanaeze youth issues strong warning over alleged plot by Nnamdi Kanu to attack Buhari in Japan

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide has urged Igbos living in Japan and Asia countries to disregard any order emanating from the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to attack, disgrace or arrest President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari will travel to Japan participates Sunday to participates in the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African development, holding in the City of Yokohama from August 28-30th 2019 in Japan.

Ohabaeze youth, in a statement signed and made available to DAILY POST on Saturday by Comrade Obinna Achionye, Deputy President-General of the group, said, “It was suicidal and foolishness that someone will never participate in assault proposed by him against President Buhari in Japan, and directs gullible igbo youths to risk jail in Japan and deportations, while he enjoys in London.

“Asia countries are not like Europe where someone will engage in activities against a visiting African President without heavy sanction and punishment by the host country.

“So, we call on Igbos staying in Japan to remember that Igbos are not traditionally violent people and will never identify with terrorism, gradually Ipob had lost the consciousness as defender of Igbos now ranking as a violent group capable of carrying arms in the nearby future.

“We wish to disassociate ourselves from the rented crowd that received Ike Ekweremadu at Enugu airport.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide observed that a desperate Enugu lawmaker from Ezeagu LGA who’s a stooge of Ekweremadu in Enugu State House of Assembly, went to Onitsha main market and ogbete Enugu market to persuade touts and beggars to masquerade as Ohanaeze youths to give the impression that Igbo Youths give Ekweremadu a rousing welcome.

“Contrary to his expectations, he was betrayed by lack of communication skills exhibited by a 60 years old man parading himself as a Youth leader, though we condemned the attack on ekweremadu in Germany but we are not involved in the decitful outing. We will sanction the lawmaker appropriately.”

Babangida introduced me to crime, I’m APC member – Kidnap kingpin, Wadume makes shocking revelations

Babangida introduced me to crime, I’m APC member – Kidnap kingpin, Wadume makes shocking revelations

Notorious kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Bala, popularly known as Wadume, has made some shocking revelations about his criminal activities.

Wadume, who said he dropped out of school after junior secondary education, also revealed that one Babangida Musa introduced him to crime.

The kidnap kingpin also revealed that he is currently a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, after dumping the PDP and helped the party win election in the presidential and senatorial election in Ibi town.

Wadume also revealed how the policemen who arrested him were killed by men of Nigerian Army who rescued him.

According to him, “I am 34 years old and married to four wives. I have only four children as two of my wives are yet to conceive. We are eight of us from my mother’s womb and my parents are dead. Due to financial constraint, I had to drop out of school after Junior Secondary School. I attended Government Secondary School, Ibi,” he was quoted by Saturday Sun as saying.

“In Ibi, we are farmers and my father used to be a fisherman. Based on the experience I got when I normally followed him to the river, I started buying and selling fish. It is not easy to catch it by yourself because of the waves and for fear of dying, I decided to restrict myself and was only buying and selling fish. I used to make as much as N5, 000 on a daily basis. I did that for years till I gathered enough money to start my own fish pond.

“I continued in that business till six years ago when my friend Babangida Musa introduced me to the business of buying and selling guns. He imports them from neighbouring countries and sell to me. I am a youth leader, so I have a strong relationship with a lot of bad boys that is why I knew that I would surely excel in the business.

“I started buying only AK-47 rifles from him at the price of N400, 000 and sold them to my customers at the price of N750, 000. Some of my customers are Yakubu Yamaza and one Halilu. Yakubu buys them in large quantities because he normal sells the guns to Fulani bandits and others. He is one of my constant buyers.

“Halilu is a notorious kidnapper and I preferred selling AK-47 rifles to him as a way to guarantee that he will not pick me up one day. In fact, his gang members almost got me but when I told them who I was, they released me. I cannot recall the number of AK-47 guns that I sold to him. I swear to God, I have never kidnapped anybody but I know a lot of them who are kidnappers. They normally buy AK-47 guns from me.

“I was making so much money, so I decided to use the money to buy cars and motorcycles for commercial purpose. I am also a politician and a youth leader. I made so much money from politicians.

“I joined politics about 10 years ago while I was a fish farmer. I was very active and that was why I was made the Sariki Matata (youth leader) of Ibi town. I started as a member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and switched over in 2015 to All Progressives Congress (APC). In the 2019 election, APC won the presidential and senatorial election in Ibi town. During the governorship election, I switched over to PDP and assisted them to win. In politics, if you want to make money, one needs to join the winning team. I couldn’t get the ticket of PDP or APC to contest for State House of Assembly. Luckily, Young Democratic Party (YDP) accepted me but I still lost the election.

“As a youth leader, money meant for the youth was given to me. I am to mobilize them, hire thugs where necessary and make arrangement for weapons that can be used to protect our people. There is a lot of killing in my state, so it’s wise to always protect yourself in-case of any attack. It was during 2015 and 2019 elections that I made so much money to acquire cars and houses.

“On the day he was rescued by some soldiers, he added “On August 7 at about 6pm, I was in my house with some family and friends when policemen arrived and arrested me. Everyone was begging them, but they said that I am a kidnapper and handcuffed my legs and hands.

“On our way, we passed through three checkpoints. The first was that of the army and after identification, they allowed us to go. The second one was that of mobile policemen and they also allowed us to continue. It was at the third checkpoint that we wasted a little time but they allowed us to go after the policemen convinced them that they were real.

“Five minutes after we left that point, an army patrol vehicle started shooting at us. Our vehicle got hit and summersaulted severally. When we finally crashed and stopped, everybody was alive except for bullet wounds. The bullets hit part of my scrotum.

“The soldiers quickly rescued me and took me to a red saloon car and we drove off immediately. Initially, I thought they were bandits dressed in military uniform and wanted to kidnap me. It was when we got to Captain Balarabe’s house that I knew that I wassafe.

“The Captain was there and he called the DCO of Ibi Police Division, one ASP Aondona Lorbee. He came to the house and told the Captain that he could not find the key. They then brought an iron cutter and cut the handcuffs on my hands and legs.

“I was outside when I saw the soldiers drive in with four dead men. They dropped them on the ground and I realized that these were the people who arrested me. I was shocked because they were all alive after the vehicle summersaulted.

“Even the DCO saw the dead bodies and just looked at them and left the compound. While the dead bodies were still on the ground, I decided to find my way before anyone will know that I was there. One of the boys that I saw in the compound used his motorcycle to take me to the house of one of my friends, Saidu.

“By then the news of my arrest and escape has spread everywhere. I immediately rented a speedboat and escaped to Tunga village in Nasarawa. I slept there and also used the opportunity to contact my family members. The ones in Ibi told me that soldiers came to the house to look for me, that they asked that I should not allow police to catch me. It was better for me to come to them first as they will guarantee my safety.

“I refused to go back because I was already scared that they killed those policemen. I knew that if they catch me, I will be killed. I ran to my Uncle’s house in Kano. I went there because, he is related to my late mother and the house that he is living in belong to me. He only advised me to report myself to the police and stop running. I decided to stay away from the border because it’s guarded by the military and my face is now known by all.

“It was my uncle who called a doctor to treat the bullet wound that affected my private part. It is possible that I cannot use it again because of the damage and I discovered that when I wake up in the morning, I no longer have erection.

“While I was hiding, friends who knew where I was collected N3 million from me. They said that they were going to use it to pay journalists, so that they will be writing good report about me. It was when I was arrested, that I knew that they did not do anything. I was terrified when men in mufti broke into our house in Kano. I thought they were hired to kill me till I discovered they were policemen.

“I did not ask soldiers to kill anyone. I was happy they rescued me, but I’m happier that police has rearrested me and I’m still alive.

“I am not a kidnapper but I supply arms to different gangs. I make enough money as a businessman. I know that I have committed a crime selling guns; I am willing to change for good.”

Finally, Obi ‘Invictus’ Okeke Appoints Nigerian Lawyer, John Iweanoje As Legal Representative


Obinwanne ‘Invictus’ Okeke, the Nigerian charged by the FBI for various acts of cyber scam, has appointed John Iweanoje, as his lawyer.


Iweanoje takes over from Rahul Sharma, a public defender hired by a United States judge to stand as counsel to Okeke. The accused had failed to appear with a lawyer during his initial court appearance on August 9. Iweanoje indicated that he was stepping in to defend the Abuja-based businessman later the same day.


Okeke did not put in a plea when he made his first court entry. The accused, who would stand trial in Norfolk Virginia, is expected to remain in custody until a trial date is fixed.

“Since he was arrested on a criminal complaint, it means he could be held in custody pending trial. The jury will decide whether to return indictment or not. If they decide to return indictment, he will be presented before a judge to enter a plea. If he pleads guilty, he would be sentenced. If he pleads not guilty, then a trial date will be set,” spokesperson for the US attorney’s office for the Eastern District, Joshua Stueve, said.

In June 2018, the FBI received complaints from Unatrac, an international subsidiary of heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar that Okeke gained unauthorised access to the e-mail account of its chief financial officer and authorised a series of fictitious invoices to the tune of $11m.  The domestic intelligence body also found that Okeke had duped an American shoe manufacturer as part of a business email compromise scheme that he and other accomplices had coordinated.

US Firm Shuts Down in Nigeria, Accuses Staff of Extortion

US firm shuts down in Nigeria, accuses staff of extortion

Dynamics Intelligence, a company operating from Redmond, United States has shut its operations in Nigeria over what its chairman alleged is extortions by its employees and contractors.


Jenna Bourgeois, chairman of the company, made the announcement via his LinkedIn account and asked any company trying to do business in Nigeria to outsource to Indians.


The company which engages in technology solutions, partners with Microsoft and Amazon to create custom cloud based productivity software. The software built upon the Microsoft Azure, PowerApps, PowerBI, Flow, and Dynamics 365 technologies are focused on healthcare, retail and government sectors.


On its website, the company says it plans to train 5,000 Nigerians in ‘Microsoft technologies’.


Bourgeois said the closure of the company branch in Nigeria is as a result of the continued extortion by its employees and contractors, saying the company can no longer function in an environment of distrust.

“Effective immediately, we will be closing our operations in Nigeria. Over the last year, we have faced numerous examples of employees and contractors extorting the company.

While we kept giving Nigerians a chance to gain skills and employment, we cannot run a company when we can’t trust the people who work for us.  “Any company interested in conducting business in Nigeria can reach out to us to learn how to avoid being scammed by technical resources”  he wrote.

EFCC Arrests Kwara State TV GM, Three Others Over Land Fraud

EFCC arrests Kwara State TV GM, three others over land fraud

The General Manager, Kwara State Television Authority, Abdulfatai Adebowale has been arrested by the Ilorin Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over allegations of Land fraud.


Adebowale was arrested alongside two personnel of the state television authority, located on Apata Yakuba Area of Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital and a senior official of the Kwara State Bureau of Land.


It will be recalled that the immediate past governor of Kwara State, Abdulfatai Ahmed had sometime in 2014 allocated 10 plots of land at the premises of the state’s television outfit to some of its personnel.

In a twist, however, 13 employees of the television station in a petition, dated May 8, 2019, alleged that its General Manager sold the 10 plots of land given to them by Ahmed’s government and converted the proceeds to his personal use.

According to them, “Since 2014 to date, the said plots of land were hijacked by the General Manager, Alhaji Abdulfatai Adewale Adebowale against the purpose intended by the state government.

“In 2017, the in-house Union of the Corporation Radio, Television, Theatre and Art Workers (RATTAWU) started agitation for the recovery of the land from the General Manager, which led to plethora of correspondences between the Union and the Office of the Kwara State Head of Service.

“The union wrote the Kwara State Bureau of Land, requesting for the allocation papers in a quest to recover the said land, converted by the General Manager as his personal property, but all to no avail.”

In the course of investigating the petition, operatives of the EFCC discovered that Adebowale and his son benefited from the plots of land, while the remaining parts of the land were sold to outsiders without the knowledge of the station’s personnel to whom they were allocated to.


It was also discovered that Adebowale received the allocation papers from the Kwara State Bureau of Land in the names of the station’s employees, but did not deliver them to the rightful owners. All the suspects are currently in detention and will soon be arraigned in court.

‘You Risk Extradition’ — FG Asks Nigerians Indicted By FBI To Surrender

?You risk extradition? ? FG asks Nigerians indicted by FBI to surrender

Nigerians indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) probe have been asked to voluntarily surrender themselves or risk getting extradited if international treaties are invoked.


Recall we reported that 80 Nigerians were arrested by the FBI, following an investigation which uncovered how they conspired with federal and state agents to dupe unsuspecting American victims of their money.


The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) in a statement released by its chairman, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, admitted that an accusation does not mean guilt while also expressing hope of a fair and speedy trial.


Dabiri-Erewa also revealed that these Nigerians currently prosecuted by the FBI were linked to cases of massive email fraud and money laundering.


 “RE: Arrest Of Alleged Nigerian Fraudsters In Various Parts Of The United’ States Of America” the statement read.

“The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission is deeply concerned about the news of the court indictment of 80 persons, mainly Nigerians, in various parts of the US, being accused in separate FBI cases of massive email fraud and money laundering.

“Prior to the court indictment of these eighty persons, of which Valentine Iro and Chukwudi Christogunis Igbokwe are lead suspects, Obinwanne Okeke had earlier been arrested in Virginia.

“We acknowledge the fact that accusation does not mean guilt, and we hope that all the accused will be given fair and speedy trial. We also ask those accused in Nigeria to voluntarily turn themselves in, to American authorities to clear their names, without which the Nigerian government should extradite them if relevant international treaties between the two governments are invoked.

“While such actions ultimately have negative effect on the image of the country, the Commission however reiterates as it has always done, that the actions of a few Nigerians involved in criminal activities is not and can never be what the majority of Nigerians represent. We advise and we continuously resist any stereotyping of Nigeria and Nigerians generally.

“The Commission will continue to monitor the case closely.”


?You risk extradition? ? FG asks Nigerians indicted by FBI to surrender

Nigerien Man Who Climbed Plane About To Take off, Deported By Nigerian Government

Nigerien man who climbed plane about to take off, deported by Nigerian government

Usman Adamu, the Nigerien Man that made headlines after hanging on to the wing of
an Azman aircraft that was preparing to take off from Lagos to Port Harcourt, has been deported to his country, Niger.


The Nigerien at the center of the July 19 stowaway incident at the restricted area of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), was found to be mentally imbalanced after he was interrogated, profiled and subjected to psychiatric tests by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).  Usman was deported by road on Friday August 16, through Lagos.


“Immediately he was arrested at the airport, by
security agencies, he was interrogated and asked series of questions,
and later taken to the psychiatric hospital for a test. It was at the
hospital that it was confirmed that he had a mental challenge.

“But despite that, he was still kept in detention for another round of
questioning, which didn’t produce any meaningful result. So, he was
handed over to us and as the law required, we returned him to his
country” an Immigration source told Sahara Reporters.

Minister of Works And Housing, Babatunde Fashola, Resumes Office, Suspends Leaves And Travels For Workers

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola,?resumes office, suspends leaves and?travels for workers

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has suspended all leaves and travels for all workers of the ministry because of the urgent need to get the budget ready on time.


The minister, who assumed office after being sworn in by President Muhammadu Buhari, said the immediate need was to work out a budget for the Ministry in the next two weeks, urging all the agencies and departments of the Ministry to work closely with the Permanent Secretary to achieve the feat, adding that the budget remained the article of faith between the government and the governed.

One of the first things we have to do is to quickly work out the budget for the Ministry of Works and Housing and we have to do that in the next two weeks,? he said, adding that because the budget was the article of faith in governance, all agencies and departments of the Ministry must work together to produce a budget worthy of note by the Ministry.

Pointing out that the leadership of the National Assembly has expressed commitment to conduct all the budget defenses in the month of October, Fashola said in order to ensure that this was achieved and all documents were made ready for the defence, all leaves, travels and other less compelling engagements must be put aside for now.


He called for readiness among the staff of the Ministry in order to achieve the mandate of the Federal Government for economic growth and development as well as job creation in the country, expressing his resolve to provide the needed leadership.

?There is still a lot of work ahead of us in spite of what we have done before and I offer myself ready and willing to do my part by providing leadership and I trust that all of you are ready as well. The mandate of Mr. President is very clear and it derives from his mandate to the people of Nigeria.

And if you watched the Swearing-in ceremony today and listened to his speech, he wants us to be his eyes and ears and his agents to serve all the people of Nigeria and that is what we must set out to achieve?, Fashola said pointing out that the President was unequivocal on the urgent need to stabilize the economy.

According to the Minister, the president was clear about the need to sustain the growth already experienced in the economy, adding, ?The economy has grown from recession and out of recession and it has grown for consecutive eight quarters. But we need to double that growth and even multiply it , but that will depend on how we work this time. The central purpose is to create prosperity and to create jobs and I think this is possible?.


He stressed the need for the nation?s professionals to be more committed and dedicated to the service of the country pointing out that the fortunes of every nation was determined by how their professionals engage in national service.

Feel-Pop Sensation, Jibade Returns With A Classic Sound

Nigerian-American recording artist, song writer, stage performer, and singer Jibade Olajoku returns with yet another impressive Song “Forget About Love” a song which is his second project for 2019. This song is a feel good song which says “Forget about love and let’s have fun while I give you money”.


Jibade is undoubtedly a fan favorite and has been deemed as one of Africa’s hottest Emerging talent, Jibade is launching himself into the forefront of the entertainment industry with a critical acclaim. Jibade’s Talent has found him performing to sold-out audiences at some African most iconic and renowned venue, including the highly rated Eko hotel and others.


Jibade’s style and voice should probably be declared a national treasure, his clear, flexible style, Feel-pop is gradually becoming addictive to fans.


He is signed to Mansa Musa Music, which he created in 2018, brace up as the countdown to a new street anthem is on. ” Forget About Love” by Jibade will be out on the 29th of August and follow @therealjibade on Instagram for daily updates.

Ondo Monarch Applauds Construction Of Multi Million Naira Ict Centre In His Domain

The Olowa of Igbara-Oke, His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr. Francis Adefarakanni Agbede at the weekend lauded the construction of a multi million naira Janet Oluwafunmilayo Oluwasanmi (New Elemo) Computer Center, donated to Anglican Grammar School, Igbara-Oke, by Prof. Oladipo Elemo.
The monarch made the remarks while inspecting the facilities at the centre. He said he was filled with joy, and words alone cannot expressed how happy he was to have seen the great feat accomplished by Prof. Elemo.
Speaking at the occasion, the donor, Prof. Oladipo Elemo said the center was built in remembrance of her late elder sister, Chief Mrs. Janet Olufunmilayo Oluwasanmi (nee Elemo), who died 20 years ago, precisely, March 28, 1999. Prof. Elemo who is an alumni of Anglican Grammar School, Igbara-Oke, 1968 set, highlighted the roles played by her elder sister in the course of him being who he is today.
He said the facilities was borne out of his passion to help give back to the society, and to see the younger generations grown in the  area of information and communication technology. He also expressed concern over the continued dilapidated state of school buildings which he said, are in terrible shape and needed to be renovated, with the construction of a perimeter fence around the school grounds.
While commending the monarch for the fatherly roles he has been playing since he ascended the throne of his fore fathers, Prof. Elemo also used the opportunity to call on other alumni to look into divers needs of the school and help meet them.
Earlier in his address, the Principal of Anglican Grammar School, Mr. Begbaji gave the highlights of supports and contributions the school has gotten from the town, particularly from the alumni of the school, which include, 80 sets of plastic lockers and chairs by 1983 set and a hall project donated by the 1978 set, which will soon be completed.
Mr. Begbaji also commended the alumni for the award of scholarships to the best two students in the Junior Classes and payment of West African Examination Council fee for best Senior Secondary students in 2018/2019 academic year by 1996 sets to mention a few.
He however called on the government through the Ministry of Education to help provide adequate security for the newly Commissioned Computer Center and many other facilities which are in the pipeline for the use of the school.

27-Year Old Seun Fakorede Releases Emotional Statement About Becoming A Commissioner in Oyo State, Speaks On Protest Against Him

27-year old Seun Fakorede releases emotional statement about becoming a?Commissioner in Oyo State,?speaks on protest against him

Seun Fakorede, the 27-year old Commissioner-designate in Oyo State has opened up on how he felt during his screening process by the house of assembly members, saying he became emotional at some point as he was questioned and advised by the House.


In an emotional statement, Seun assured Nigerians of full commitment and maximum delivery when he and the team assume office.


Read Fakorede’s full statement below:

 I will forever remember yesterday, August 22, 2019, for good. It was historic I stood before the 32 distinguished members of the Oyo State House of Assembly led by Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin.  The Hallowed Chamber was filled to the brim. My parents were seated, just like their friends and well-wishers.

Party leaders, youth leaders and youth associations from far and near were in attendance. My friends and lovers also made it despite the tight schedules.  Distinguished members of the Assembly took turns to ask questions and offer advises.

I became emotional standing before these respected men, majority of whom are in their youthful ages.  I will continue to appreciate our Father and Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, @seyi_amakinde, for this opportunity. He has provided the platform for me and others.

And as regards what happened within the Assembly Complex, just before my screening and confirmation, we are going to settle it no tension whatsoever. They are my leaders, fathers and mothers; we are going home to resolve everything, amicably.  With your support, we are going to hit the ground running when we assume office.

9 Yahoo Boys Remanded in Prison

9 yahoo boys remanded in prison

9 yahoo boys have been remanded in prison custody, following their arraignment before a Federal high court in Lagos on charges of fraud.


The suspected fraudsters arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) were identified as Jejelowo Blessing, Charles Ilesanmi Omobolade, Adelanke Adesola Abiodun, Jejelowo Samson Olanrewaju, Quadri Adewale Ayuba, Raphael Sunday, Omoniyi Ifeoluwa Ajayi, Adebola Kazeem Adeyemi and Adeyeye Rasheed.


They were arrested during a raid carried out in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State by operatives of the anti-graft agency on July 8. The court which remanded the suspects who pleaded “not guilty” in prison custody, announced that hearing of the cases against the suspects will hold on September 23 and September 25.


The statement from the EFCC reads in part;


They were charged for sundry internet related offences including obtaining money by false pretence, impersonation and being in possession of forged and fraudulent documents to defraud unsuspecting foreigners.

The accused persons were arrested during a raid carried out in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State by operatives of the Commission on July 8, 2019.

They pleaded not-guilty to their respective charges when read to them.

Consequent upon the not-guilty plea, the EFCC legal team, led by Dr Ben Ubi, prayed the count for trial dates and ordered them to be remanded in Ado Ekiti prison.

The court granted the remand prayer, and also fixed two different dates for the hearing cases against the suspects.

September 23, 2019 was for trial of Jejelowo Blessing, Charles Ilesanmi Omobolade and Adelanke Adesola Abiodun cases, while Jejelowo Samson Olanrewaju, Quadri Adewale Ayuba, Rapheal Sunday, Omoniyi Ifeoluwa Ajayi, Adebola Kazeem Adeyemi and Adeyeye are to start answering to their criminal charges on September 25, 2019.

Man Claims FBI Agents Are Already in Nigeria Working With Informants And Interpol Extradition Team After Arrest of 80 Nigerians For Fraud

Man claims FBI Agents are already in Nigeria working with informants and Interpol extradition team after arrest of 77 Nigerians for fraud

A Twitter user, @GospelJosiah has alleged that some FBI Agents are currently in Nigeria working with informants and Interpol extradition team to crack down on fraudulent Nigerians.


‘Do you know FBI Agents are already in Nigeria working with informants and Interpol extradition team in place. It’s going to be a freaky end of 2019.’


This comes after 80 people including 77 Nigerians based in Los Angeles were arrested by the FBI for involvement in romance scams and wire fraud.

B9M Song Of The Week

 Music: Spark Ross x Asha Witty – Orobo

B9M Gospel Song Of The Week

Music: Prospa Ochimana – Ekwueme Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu

B9M Video Of The Week

Video: Davido – FIA