Nollywood movie: Oloture parts 1

Òlòtūré part 2: The Journey 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Oloture  2024 Netflix movie

Just in case you don’t remember what the movie is about here is a plot Summary of “Òlòtūré”


“Òlòtūré” is about a young Nigerian journalist named Òlòtūré who goes undercover to expose the harsh realities of human trafficking. She pretends to be a sex worker to infiltrate the criminal world of traffickers in Lagos.


As Òlòtūré gets deeper into this dangerous world, she meets other women who have been forced into sex work. She witnesses the physical and emotional abuse they suffer and learns about their painful stories.


While trying to gather evidence, Òlòtūré was sexually abused and fell victim of the same traffickers she went into an undercover mission to expose.


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